What Happened to Arthur on Chesapeake Shores? Keith Dinicol’s Death Was Sudden

Keith Dinicol

Crown Media Keith Dinicol on "Chesapeake Shores."

Keith Dinicol, who played Arthur on “Chesapeake Shores,” died unexpectedly before season 6 aired on the Hallmark Channel. Unfortunately, this means that the sweet storyline he was involved in will come to a close.

Keith Dinicol’s Cause of Death Was a Stroke

Keith Dinciol died of a stroke on November 18, his son Sam shared on Facebook.

Sam Dinicol wrote, in part:

On Thursday, a stroke took my Dad from us. Suddenly, he’s gone. While words cannot describe the shock and grief we are feeling right now, I can summon a few to tell you about the good man Keith Dinicol was.

My Dad will be remembered by many as a gifted actor. He was one of the finest classical character actors to ever grace the Canadian stage. He was rightly proud of his work. But he was even prouder of his family. The last text he sent us was a link to an article he had found about my brother Joe’s latest TV project.

This is a small snap shot of who my Dad was. An extraordinarily loving father, grandfather, and husband to his beloved Emma, my mom. A people-person with a big heart who was fiercely loyal to his people. As a man, he was the gold-standard.

Sam Dinicol advised everyone reading his note: “Even when you think you’re giving all you can to your people, dig deeper and give more. Be even kinder. Be more patient. Love harder. You won’t regret it.”

When Dinicol died, Mark Jordan Legan, co-executive-producer for “Chesapeake Shores,” wrote about his sadness upon hearing the news.

He tweeted: “So sorry to hear of the sudden passing of Keith Dinicol. I had the pleasure of working with him and writing for him this past season on CHESAPEAKE SHORES and he was wonderful, sweet and talented. Rest In Peace, Keith.”

Arthur & Nell Had a Growing Romance in the Series

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Dinicol’s death means that the budding romance between Arthur and Nell on the series will come to a sad end. Dinicol starred in six episodes of “Chesapeake Shores” in season 5. He portrayed an older artist who was hiding from the world and mourning his wife’s death from years earlier. Megan first discovered his identity, but it took Nell to bring him out into the world again.

Arthur began mentoring one of Nell’s granddaughters, helping her develop her own artistic talent, and he and Nell developed feelings for each other. The two characters shared a touching dance together.

Keith Dinicol Had a Busy, Active Life Before His Death

On Facebook, Keith’s son Sam Dinicol shared that his dad had a busy, active life before he died.

He said that Keith had taken up golf and walked for two hours almost every day. Sam shared that both his mom and dad had moved across the country the year prior to be near him.

“In that time, I have enjoyed weekly dinners with my parents — including a pre-meal Manhattan with Dad, as we tried to solve the problems of the world,” he said. “We watched the Super Bowl together. I took him out for a Father’s Day dinner. And yet still. It doesn’t feel like enough.”

In addition to “Chesapeake Shores,” Dinicol was a prolific actor who starred in “Schitt’s Creek,” “Reign,” “Designated Survivor,” “Jesus Henry Christ,” “The Taming of the Shrew” and many other productions.

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