Kevin McGarry Reveals the Story Behind His Boston Accent on ‘The Wedding Veil’

"The Wedding Veil Expectations"

Hallmark "The Wedding Veil Expectations"

Kevin McGarry’s Boston accent in “The Wedding Veil” movies has gotten a lot of attention and appreciation from fans. McGarry and Peter Benson, who directed “The Wedding Veil Expectations,” opened up recently in podcast interviews about what went on behind the scenes with McGarry’s accent.

McGarry Said the Accent Was ‘Jarring’ & A Lot of Fun

In an interview with the Suspenders Unbuttoned podcast, McGarry chatted a bit about his unique Boston accent that he uses in the “Wedding Veil” movies. 

Petah’s Here! Kevin McGarry talks The Wedding Veil Expectations!You know we love a good Kevin McGarry podcast! We hope you’ll join us as we chat The Wedding Veil Expectations and maybe a little holiday cheer!2022-12-20T13:50:37Z

McGarry explained in his interview that he achieves his Boston accent by changing the r’s and the s’s when he talks.

“…It’s just a generic Boston accent,” he said. “I mean, it’s so fun to kind of do, and you know, it’s pretty great.”

The podcast interviewers, Sarah and Julie, told McGarry that everyone loves the accent now. McGarry said the accent provides a bit of a window into his character, since the movies don’t show his upbringing.

“I know it’s a jarring accent,” McGarry joked, laughing. “You’re like, ‘Woah!’ And to do it so strong too… It’s who he is now. We never really get to see his upbringing…”

Director Peter Benson Said He Was Impressed with McGarry’s Accent & the Energy He Brought to His Character

In his own interview with Suspenders Unbuttoned, Peter Benson — who directed “Wedding Veil Expectations” — also talked about McGarry’s accent.

Welcome, Peter Benson!We are excited to welcome the director of The Wedding Veil: Expectations, Peter Benson!2023-01-04T06:40:25Z

Benson said he felt impressed when he was watching the films and realized McGarry was doing a Boston accent.

“He’s doing it!” Benson recalled thinking. “We’ve all done these movies in New York or whatever. And … I was like, ‘I like this guy because he went for it, he took a risk.’ People don’t do that a lot. I personally thought it was great.”

Benson also talked with the podcast about how it’s normal for accents to sometimes be stronger than other times.

“My mom’s Scottish and she hits about a fifth of the words really hard, and the rest you wouldn’t even know,” he said. “I thought he was consistent and again, just brought an energy to it. And he just jumped off the screen from the first time you saw him.”

During his interview, McGarry joked that accents can sometimes become stronger after you’ve been drinking.

“They say once they get maybe a few drinks in them, that’s when it slowly kind of creeps out, any kind of accent,” he said. “I mean, I know it’s (like that) for me as a Canadian.”

He chatted a little more with the podcast interviewers, talking about how an accent can become more pronounced sometimes when you’re nervous too.

Benson joked in the interview about reminding McGarry not to use his Boston accent while playing the role of Nathan on “When Calls the Heart,” since he filmed some scenes at the same time.

McGarry also talked about how intense it was to film for the two productions simultaneously.

“It was a busy month,” he said. “It was insane… We were filming the end too, so there’s a lot going on at the end of the season…”

Benson said in his interview that McGarry traveled a lot back in forth between the two filming locations, because they were filming “literally” at the same time. “When Calls the Heart” was in Vancouver, while “Expectations” was in Victoria, Canada.

“He was a trooper, because it was a lot to do,” Benson said. “…(There were some) very tight moments with getting Kevin on those planes. I don’t think he slept the whole time.”

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