Kevin McGarry on How He Changed the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Finale Script

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Kevin McGarry, who plays Nathan on Hallmark’s hit series “When Calls the Heart,” recently revealed that he actually made a significant change to an iconic moment between Elizabeth and Nathan in the season 8 finale.

This article will have spoilers for “When Calls the Heart” season 8’s finale. 

McGarry Changed Nathan’s Reaction Because ‘We Owe It to the Nathan Fans’

McGarry revealed to ET Online that he made a change to the way the finale was written, based on how he thought Nathan would react when Elizabeth came to his office and told him that she wasn’t in love with him.

McGarry said:

It was written that Nathan thanked her at the end [of that scene], and I was like, ‘I didn’t want to say thanks.’ I think the idea was that he was releasing from this obligation that he had to kind of protect her, but I felt like Nathan was in love with her. It might have started with him coming in and trying to, you know, with the whole Jack story and him coming to Hope Valley to protect her, but he really did fall in love with her. So I thought, we owe it to the Nathan fans that have been with us. You got to see him get heartbroken, essentially, and I just thought it was better if he didn’t say anything and he just took that in.

You can see McGarry talking about that moment at 8:23 in the video below.

When Calls the Heart Cast REACTS to Elizabeth Picking LUCAS (Exclusive)‘When Calls the Heart’ stars Erin Krakow, Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally open up about Elizabeth choosing Lucas over Nathan in the drama’s season 8 finale, which aired Sunday on Hallmark Channel. The actors explain all the behind-the-scenes details of filming the episode, especially how that passionate kiss on the bridge came to be amid…2021-05-10T02:32:21Z

McGarry added that Nathan isn’t going anywhere in season 9 and he’s excited to see what’s in store for his character next.

“He’ll go on, we all get broken hearts, and that’ll be a fun thing to play,” he said. “I hope he has some kind of redemption story of him building himself back up and moving on.”

McGarry also said he hopes fans will now be Team Hope Valley rather than Team Nathan or Team Lucas.

“I think we’re all going back to Team Hope Valley now,” he told ET Online. “Nathan’s not going anywhere. He’s going to have a bunch of other exciting adventures and we’ll see what happens with him, but Team Nathan and Team Lucas, I think it’s time to come together and be Team Hope Valley.”

“When Calls the Heart” just started filming for season 9 on July 21.

McGarry Is Now Working on a Movie Trilogy with Lacey Chabert

McGarry is now part of a movie trilogy with Lacey Chabert. They’ve been pretty quiet about the progress and where production is at with the new set of movies, except that they will premiere sometime in 2022.

The trilogy, called “The Wedding Veil,” will star Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, Autumn Reeser, and Kevin McGarry.

Chabert shared a photo on Instagram of her filming for the movie with McGarry.

She wrote: “Having so much fun filming “The Wedding Veil” with @kevin_mcgarry_w for @hallmarkchannel 👰‍♀️ #dayonepicture #weddingveiltrilogy #theweddingveil 📸 @rachelsstyle”

Since she posted this, there haven’t been any additional updates about McGarry’s role in the movie trilogy, from either Chabert or McGarry.

Chabert told Good Housekeeping about the series: “This project is, quite literally, a dream come true for me and one that I have been deeply invested in. Both Allison and Autumn are incredibly talented, smart and wonderful women and actors. I’m thrilled to be able to finally get to work with them and tell this very special story!”

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