Kevin McGarry & Chris McNally Reveal What’s Next for Elizabeth on ‘When Calls the Heart’

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Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan on When Calls the Heart, and Chris McNally, who portrays Lucas, spoke out about Season 8 Episode 8 in an interview that aired right after the Hallmark episode ended. The actors shared their thoughts on what happened in the episode and what might be next for Elizabeth and Team Lucas and Team Nathan.

This article has spoilers for When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 8, along with hints for future episodes.

McNally Said the Office Scene Was a ‘Win for Lucas’

Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally spoke with Jim Halterman from TV Insider about Episode 8. McNally said the office scene between Elizabeth and Lucas was a “win for Lucas,” especially when Elizabeth invited him to sit next to her.

McNally said:

I think it’s great that she does make that gesture, because one of the recurring themes, I think so far this season with a few exceptions, has been that Lucas is usually the one trying to move things forward and Elizabeth is often hesitant. So I think it’s a win for Lucas that she offers that.

McGarry’s Not Sure if Elizabeth Will Forgive Nathan

McGarry told TV Insider that Nathan could have picked a better time to reveal what he did about Jack. (You can read more about McGarry’s opinion on Nathan’s timing in Heavy’s story here.) He’s not sure if Elizabeth will forgive Nathan, he said.

I don’t know. I think this is a big thing moving forward, to see if she can forgive him. I mean, Nathan blames himself… And now we gotta see if Elizabeth agrees or if she’s able to get over it. But… It’s not something light to dump on her. And you know, she’s already going through so much as it is, let alone… He could have been alive if I went instead.

A Big Scene Is Coming Up Where Nathan & Lucas Face-Off Over Elizabeth

The short, tense scene between Nathan and Lucas at the oil well is just the beginning, McGarry said. The two will have a bigger moment as they face-off about Elizabeth.

I call that scene amuse-bouche to what’s coming up with the two of them. They have a pretty good scene coming up with the two of them. So this is a little taste of what’s coming up I think with those two.

An amuse-bouche is a term for a small, complimentary appetizer offered by the chef.

McNally & McGarry Share Their Opinions on Elizabeth’s Ultimate Choice

Both McNally and McGarry told TV Insider that they believe the storyline is written in such a way that most fans will be on board with Elizabeth’s ultimate choice.

McNally said:

My hope, and I think I speak for all of us, is my hope is that the fans end up siding with Elizabeth rather than Nathan and Lucas, and thinking about what’s best for her. And maybe that is what they’re doing and that’s why feel so strongly about each time, I don’t know. We’ll have to see. Hopefully what happens at the end of the season sort of maybe convinces some people who aren’t fans of one group to be fans of another group. Or maybe not, we shall see.

McGarry said:

Chris, Erin, and I are great friends, and we just want to tell the best story we can, and it’s the type of story that will keep the stories of Hope Valley going on further. And this is … I really think the way this ends is the best possible way that it could go.

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