Kevin McGarry Reveals Why There’s Still Hope for Team Nathan on WCTH

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Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan on When Calls the Heart, was a special guest on Hallmark’s Bubbly Sesh Podcast. He revealed why Team Nathan still has reasons to hope and not give up just yet.

You can listen to the full podcast interview with McGarry here.

This article will have spoilers for the latest episode of When Calls the Heart, Season 8 Episode 7. 

McGarry Said Nathan’s Secret Will Explain Why He’s Been Awkward Around Elizabeth

First, McGarry acknowledged that Nathan’s abrupt display of love was a little much for Elizabeth.

What happened at the end of Season 7…being faced with almost being shot… It kind of set his priorities… Nathan’s never been the kind of guy to rationally express how he feels… It was like a child: ‘I love you so much!’… Which is a lot for her…”

Around 7:54 in the podcast, he says a secret is going to be revealed soon which explains why Nathan has been so awkward around Elizabeth.

There is a secret. There is something between them that’s gonna be coming out that, you know, gives a bit of answers to why Nathan has been reluctant or … nervous or just awkward around her. There is a reason to that that’s coming up.

If They End Up Together, It Will be From on an Internal Attraction & Not External Wooing

He continued, explaining that if something happens between Nathan and Elizabeth — but he didn’t reveal if it would — it will be based on an internal attraction and not external wooing.

But at this point, it sets it up that if they’re going to get together, it’s this internal attraction. … It’s something like their hearts are meant to be together. It’s the way that it’s gonna go for them, if that’s the way it’s going to go. … Clearly, he’s not going to be wooing her…throughout the season as it stands right now…

Around 9:11 in the podcast, McGarry added that he understands why fans are so divided. Lucas and Nathan have very different methods of approaching women.

I get how the two teams have divided people so much… It really depends on what you want or what you’re looking for in a partner. …It’s lovely to get flowers and picnics… And Lucas really does offer that. But Nathan does offer a bit of stability from the heart. I really feel Nathan wears…his heart on his sleeve. … As much as he is disciplined and stoic and all this stuff, he is kind of a grownup child at the same time too in some of the ways that he, you know, interacts. He doesn’t have a filter sometimes… You know if he’s telling you something, it feels like it’s the truth.

He Says Nathan & Elizabeth Definitely Have a Spark, But the Question Is Whether Outside Forces Will Get in the Way

The blanket scene was teased even before the episode aired. In it, Nathan and Elizabeth talked for a bit after Nathan paused to give her a blanket to wear while she waited for news about Ned.

His comments occur at about 31:56 in the podcast.

I remember shooting that scene, and I remember thinking…’This will be a push for Team Nathan…’ For how much tension they have, sometimes battling with or the built-up tension that has been their history, when nothing is there …. they just kind of sit in life together and they’re very easy. ‘This is what I’m feeling. I’m scared about this. I could use your help on this. Or I don’t know what to do about this…’ It’s just like real advice. Real-world kind of problems and real-world advice, and just two people listening to each other and trying to help each other as best they can.

And yeah… there’s something special with those two characters they have when all the outside factors that are kind of against them. … There’s some kind of electricity or spark there, but there’s a lot of outside factors pushing them away… For the Team Nathan fans, I think their storyline is: Are these factors going to get in the way? And we’ve all had relationships like that, you know, where this could’ve been a thing for sure, if this didn’t happen or this didn’t happen. And I think that’s kind of their storyline. I’m not saying it don’t happen or whatever. But I do think, had she not been married to a Mountie before, that’d be a big thing that I’m sure she’s struggling with, with opening up her heart to Nathan at this point. Yeah, I think … there’s something there for sure. … But are the outside, external factors gonna kind of get in the way and block what might be something great?

He essentially acknowledges that Elizabeth and Nathan truly do have a spark that goes both ways, but it’s not clear if Nathan being a Mountie is going to prevent them from being together.

Around 36:32 into the podcast, McGarry shared some funny thoughts about Lucas.

As Nathan (during the episode), I’m like ‘Woohoo, yeah!’ up until the end of course when she does grab his (Lucas’) hand. But … I think …. Elizabeth did say we’ve got to take it slow, and little handsy Lucas just trying to grab her hand in front of… Trying to just be like, ‘This is my woman.’

Essentially, he said that he thought Lucas was being a little too handsy, wanting the town to know that Elizabeth was his.

As to whether she will remain with Lucas, only time will tell.

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