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Kevin McGarry, who plays Nathan on Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” hasn’t shared much about the new season on social media. He’s appeared in a few videos with Jack Wagner, but he doesn’t share much on his social media account. On January 4, he finally shared a glimpse of the new season for the first time.

He Shared a Photo That Fans Are Writing Captions About

McGarry posted a photo from season 9 on his Instagram Story, and fans are already creating their own captions to go along with it.


He shared the above photo without any context or comment. The official “Hearties” Instagram account invited fans to make their own captions, and they were quick to oblige. Here are a few examples.

One fan wrote: “When your mum tells you to do your chores. *yes ma’am.”


Another wrote a pun: “On Mountie Monday, we are the mane attraction.”


Another fan wrote: “When you see someone put the shopping cart where it is supposed to go.”


Other fans guessed that maybe he was looking in a cave or saluting Little Jack. Another person guessed that he’s just shading his eyes, since he typically salutes with his other hand. Another guessed that maybe he’s looking into the window of a car, since a sneak peek showed Bill telling him that all Mounties are going to have to know how to drive a car soon.

One big thing that fans picked up on his that Nathan’s mustache is missing from this photo, confirming that he shaves it off at some point during season 9.

Nathan Can Also Be Seen in a Photo from Season 9

Nathan can also be seen in a new photo from season 9.

He’s sporting the mustache in this photo, and is watching something intently, while both Faith and Elizabeth look delighted by what they’re seeing. So this photo likely takes place before the one he shared on Instagram.

Many viewers think this photo is from right when the hot air balloon is revealed, since Elizabeth is wearing the same outfit in the balloon ride sneak peeks that were already shared.

As for Nathan, quite a few hints have already been shared about what’s in store for him in the new season. In one sneak peek, a new woman in Hope Valley catches his attention.

You can watch the sneak peek here.

The woman is Mei Sou, and they talk about how they met once before when she was riding a “very fast brown quarter horse,” Nathan observes. There really seem to be sparks between them.

In an interview with Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, McGarry shared some details about what to expect from his character in season 9, which she shared on her Instagram.

He said the series will be venturing into new territory this season and it will feel fresher.

“Feeling pretty excited, feeling pretty good,” he said about the ne wseason. “I think ‘When Calls the Heart’ is going to be venturing into new territory this year and it’s one of the more fresher seasons I think.”

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