‘The Nine Kittens of Christmas’ Crew Adopted All Nine of the Kitten Stars

The Nine Kittens of Christmas

Crown Media The Nine Kittens of Christmas

If you’re wondering what happened to all the adorable kittens in Hallmark’s “The Nine Kittens of Christmas,” they all are warm and happy in their holiday homes. Kimberley Sustad recently revealed that all the kittens in “The Nine Kittens of Christmas” have been adopted by people who were involved in making the movie. Read on to learn all about the kitten and cat stars.

The Kittens Were All Adopted by Members of the Movie’s Crew

INTERVIEW: The Nine Kittens of Christmas – KIMBERLEY SUSTAD (Hallmark Channel)I am so excited to welcome actress Kimberley Sustad to Hallmark Happenings! She's revealing tons of inside details on the highly anticipated sequel THE NINE KITTENS OF CHRISTMAS. Who else can't wait for this movie to air on Thanksgiving? Meee-ow! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast if you love Hallmark Channel! :) Follow Hallmark…2021-11-21T03:16:43Z

Sustad, who is reprising her role as Marilee for the movie, revealed in an interview with the Hallmark Happenings Podcast that the kittens had the most adorable fate.

Sustad shared: “Marilee comes home for the holidays… She bumps into Zachary. (And) instead of … in the first movie [where] he had a cat literally on his doorstep that kind of made its way into his home… This time he has nine kittens. …”

She said filming with the kittens was a wonderful kind of crazy.

“It was mayhem,” she said. “There are nine of them all the time running amok everywhere. Acting with kittens. … They talk a lot and they jump everywhere, and they climb up your coat and your sweater…”

But the kittens were so wonderful that the crew members all ended up adopting them. Every one of the nine kittens found a forever home thanks to the movie.

“All the crew members and cameramen and everyone that was involved in making the film adopted these kittens in the end,” she told Hallmark Happenings. “Everyone has a … ‘Nine Kittens of Christmas’ cat. And it was so sweet. We fell in love with them. We were working with them every day.”

She said that she learned each kitten’s individual personality.

“I knew which one felt comfortable and which …one of them loved to be in my jacket really tight,” she said. “So I’d zip him inside my jacket…and he’d be so calm and sometimes fall asleep in the scene, so warm in my puffy coat. And another one…loved to just be kind of bounced a little. You got to know these little babies and what they loved. … If I wasn’t allergic to cats … I would totally have taken one of these kittens home. They steal your heart.”

Animal trainer Connie Rusgen shared photos of some of the kittens in the movie. This one is Calvin.

“He’s a keeper,” Rusgen wrote. She later commented, “l love the little guy – he had a lot of character.”

Director David Winning revealed that Calvin’s name in the movie was Rudolph.

Rusgen also commented that all nine kittens in the movie have been adopted.

Ambrose the Cat Is Back Too

Everyone’s reprising their past roles for this movie, including Ambrose, Sustad told the Hallmark  Happenings podcast. (According to Cinemacats, Ambrose is played by a cat actor who’s named Trace in real life.)

When she was asked if both Ambrose and Queenie would make a reappearance in the movie, Sustad hinted about a twist: “Yes… There is a new twist to things that I can’t share just yet, but we have our cats.”

Gregory Harrison, who also stars in the movie, shared in a Facebook post that “all the original cast will be returning. Even Ambrose the cat!”

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Jarene Campbell
Jarene Campbell
1 day ago

I loved this movie. The kittens are so adorable. I have a question though. Wasn’t the chief’s wife severely allergic to cats in the first movie?

Angelica Moore
Angelica Moore
1 day ago

I have to say I have watched The Nine Lives of Christmas at least 4-5 times. It never gets old. I love the chemistry between Marilee and Zach. I have 3 rescue cats. The last one was a semi-feral who is 20 yrs old. Missou Fluffy was fed by me when she was a kitten. As she aged she became a little less feral. We adopted (brought her home) her when her sister died last year. I have watched the The Nine Kittens of Christmas twice!! I cried when Zach proposed! I have to say y’all are my #1 movie pick. So we need a sequel now the wedding!! Great job and thank you for letting us know that the kittens were adopted. As someone involved with rescues this is music to our ears. Merry Christmas!!
PS “Sam” Gregory Harrison did a great job and he really shows sincere love for cats too. Great cast!

RJ Moxx
RJ Moxx
2 days ago

I’ve enjoyed watching The Nine Lives of Christmas every year that it’s been on Hallmark’s Christmas movies and love, love, love Kimberly Sustad’s character because I’m an animal lover too. Was so excited to see a new movie with her and Brandon involving kittens, so I DVR’d it knowing that I wouldn’t be home when it came on. Excited to be watching it today!

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