Kristoffer Polaha Says His New Hallmark Christmas Movie Will ‘Blow People Away’

Kris Polaha on Mystery 101

Crown Media Kris Polaha on Mystery 101

Hallmark star Kristoffer Polaha is already hard at work filming a new movie for Hallmark’s 2022 Christmas season. He recently told fans on social media that this movie is going to “blow people away.”

He’s Starring in the Movie with Marisol Nichols

Polaha is filming a new Christmas movie opposite fellow Hallmark star Marisol Nichols. The movie will premiere during the 2022 Christmas season. He says this new film will be “Hallmark 2.0” for fans.

Nichols was the first to share the good news about their movie on her Instagram page. She shared a video that showed Polaha in the background on their first day of filming. The two were in an inn decorated for Christmas and it was a positively festive scene.

“First scene of the day,” she said. “It’s Kris, my co-star, and this is our lovely crew.”

She also wrote, “Here’s my first scene with Kris (@polahaha ). Can’t wait to see what the rest of the days have in store ✨🎥 #christmasmovie”

One fan replied, “Christmas came early😍.” Nichols wrote back, “who doesn’t love Christmas in June! 🎉🎄😊.”

In a separate video shared on her Instagram story, Nichols shared that they were filming in Canada and it’s absolutely beautiful right now.

Instagram StoryInstagram Story

“Living in LA everything’s kind of dry. It’s a desert. And then you come out to other parts…of the world, in Canada. It rains so much and there’s such a beauty to it all. I kind of miss giant trees… Happy Monday everyone.”

Here’s another video she shared from Winnipeg, Canada:

Polaha Said, ‘We Are Walking the Razor’s Edge With This Film’

Polaha replied to Nichols’ first Instagram post, writing, “We are walking the razor’s edge with this film, but you know what? We are both tightrope walkers and that edge feels like a sidewalk. In short, this movie is going to blow people away. #allnewhallmark #hallmark2.0”

Nichols shared another festive video from Day 3 of filming and talked about the experience filming in Winnipeg. She said she was happy to discover she already worked with their camera guy during the first and second seasons of “Riverdale.”

According to the Twitter account SleepyKittyPaw, the movie is currently called “A Christmas Disconnect.”

Here are photos from the set:

Polaha is perhaps best known among Hallmark viewers for his leading role in “Mystery 101” opposite Jill Wagner. His Lifetime movie “Buried in Barstow” just premiered. He also stars in “Jurassic World: Dominion,” which releases this year. Polaha’s other credits include “A Dickens of a Holiday!,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” “Condor” (Sam), “Little Fires Everywhere,” “Double Holiday,” “Small Town Christmas,” “Rocky Mountain Christmas,” “Pearl in Paradise,” “Hearts of Christmas,” “Get Shorty,” “Castle” (Caleb), “Backstrom” (Peter), “Made in Jersey” (Nolan), “Ringer” (Henry), “Life Unexpected” (Nate), “Mad Men” (Carlton), “Valentine” (Eros), “Miss Guided” (Tim), “North Shore” (Jason), “Tru Calling,” and more.

Nichols’ credits include “The Loud House” (Principal Ramirez), “Riverdale” (Hermione Lodge), “Christmas CEO,” “Spiral,” “Holly & Ivy,” “Teen Wolf” (Corinne), “Criminal Minds,” “NCIS,” “GCB” (Heather), “The Gates” (Sarah), “The Storm,” “24” (Nadia Yassir), “In Justice” (Sonya), “Blind Justice” (Det. Karen Bettancourt), “Cold Case” (Elisa), “Resurrection Blvd.” (Victoria Santiago), and more.

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