How to Get Lacey Chabert’s Dresses From ‘The Wedding Veil’

Lacey Chabert on The Wedding Veil

Crown Media Lacey Chabert on The Wedding Veil

Hallmark viewers couldn’t stop raving about Lacey Chabert’s wardrobe on “The Wedding Veil.” Here’s a look at where they got those stunning pieces that Chabert’s character wore in the first of the three-part trilogy.

‘The Wardrobe Girls’ Shared Where They Got Many of the Outfits in the Movie

On Instagram, The Wardrobe Girls shared the photo below, revealing where many of Chabert’s outfits originated from. They noted in one reply that the dresses were purchased about a year ago during filming, so they might be difficult to find today.

The account wrote in reply to one commenter: “Yes unfortunately because these movies were held for airing longer than normal because we had to film all 3, the clothing isn’t in stores still like it usually is. I would still look though! You never know!”

The lavender dress in the top left (and pictured below) is by Hudson’s Bay’s Dex.

The exact dress is no longer listed online, but you can see all the Dex dresses here. This dress may be the closest in terms of style, although it’s still different.

Another Hudson’s Bay dress is the print dress in the middle row on the far right of this article’s first picture. Wardrobe Girls shared that the print dress is by Laura.

There are a number of used Hudson’s Bay dresses that you can find on Poshmark. This is a good place to watch for people possibly reselling the dresses in the future.

Three Pieces Were From Ted Baker

Three pieces in the collection are by Ted Baker in the photo from Wardrobe Girls above, including the sleeveless print piece with the dark blue background seen in the top middle photo, the light pink pleated dress on the top row far right, and the burgundy dress in the last photo on the bottom far right.

Here’s a link to the dark blue print Ted Baker dress. However, it’s no longer available in retail stores, so you may have to do some hunting to try to find one being resold. At one point it was also sold on ASOS and was called the Mayo Skater Dress in Hedgerow. Someone on Poshmark is selling the dress in a size 2 here.

You can see Ted Baker’s currently available skater dresses here.

As for the pleated pink dress from Ted Baker, this appears to be the Sasski Pleated Maxi Dress, which is still available for purchase on their website in pink or green.

The burgundy Ted Baker dress is a little tougher to match. You can see a very similar one for sale in a size 4 on Poshmark here.

There’s also a purse in the movie from Ted Baker.

The purse she’s holding while walking with McGarry in the photo above was purchased at a Ted Baker outlet, Wardrobe Girls wrote. The exact purse is tough to pin down, but you can see other beautiful floral purses by Ted Baker here.

One Dress Is From Tommy Hilfiger

A long-sleeved Tommy Hilfiger dress in pink floral is pictured in the middle row far left above, which Wardrobe Girls said in a comment was also purchased at The Bay. This dress is tough to pin down. Amazon sells a wide variety of Tommy Hilfiger dresses in many styles here.

A Sleeveless Floral Dress Is From Nordstrom

A Nordstrom dress by The Population is pictured in the center of the photo at the beginning of this story, Wardrobe Girls shared on Instagram, and also pictured in the photo above.

Here’s the dress from another angle:

The exact dress is tough to find. You can see Nordstrom’s current selection of Dress the Population cocktail dresses here. For example, a different dress with a similar floral theme is here. Another darker-colored fit-and-flare floral dress is here. You can also keep an eye on Poshmark to see if someone ever tries to resell the dress.

Wardrobe Girls also shared that a black-and-white dress that Chabert wore to a gala in the movie was also from Nordstrom, and was made by Boni.

Chabert’s Red Dress Was From Hugo Boss

The red dress that Chabert wears is by Hugo Boss, Wardrobe Girls shared.

Heavy managed to track down the dress, which originally sold on the Hugo Boss website for $445. It’s called the “Cap-Sleeve Dress in Stretch Jersey with Houndstooth Pattern.” Unfortunately, it’s sold out on Hugo Boss’ website.

A dress that looks the same is being sold on Poshmark in a size 4. Poshmark is a good place to watch for this dress or similar styles from Hugo Boss.

If you’re interested in the material more than the color and style, you can see all of Hugo Boss’ jersey dresses here. You can also see Hugo Boss short dresses being resold on Mercari here. There’s a similar (but not the same) fit and flare red dress here in XS. And a cutout cap sleeve pink dress in S is here.

Wardrobe Girls noted that the dress in the bottom row on the far left in this article’s first story is a personal vintage dress.

The account wrote, in reply to one commenter, “Yes unfortunately because these movies were held for airing longer than normal because we had to film all 3, the clothing isn’t in stores still like it usually is. I would still look though! You never know!”

A commenter also asked about a dress that wasn’t pictured: an off-the-shoulder dress that she wore while having brunch with the girls. Wardrobe Girls said that dress was from Nordstrom and made by “Dress the Population.”

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