Lacey Chabert Filming New Hallmark Movie in Hawaii

Lacey Chabert

Crown Media Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert is working on a new movie for Hallmark. This one is being filmed on location in Hawaii, she recently shared on social media. Here are all the details we know so far.

She’s Currently Filming in Honolulu

Before officially announcing where she was filming, Chabert dropped a lot of hints on Instagram Story.


She shared a photo of her view from the plane and said she was blessed “to get to work in such a beautiful place.”


Then she finally announced on her Instagram Story that she was in Honolulu.


On Monday, May 23, she posted more details about her movie. She wrote, “It’s day one on a new job for me in Honolulu! I thought I’d never been here before but my mom reminded me we were here when I was five years old. This is a pic from that trip! So today, I’m setting aside any anxiety or fears and smiling big with excitement and gratitude. I think my five year old self would approve ❤️ I hope you have a great day!”

Danica McKellar replied, “Is that pic from the Sheraton Waikiki? I think I recognize that wallpaper!”

Shortly before filming in Honolulu, Chabert visited Maui with her family in late April. She shared a photo from her trip on Instagram.

She Also Talked About Her Very First Hallmark Movie

Just before beginning her new movie, Chabert posted on Instagram on May 13 about her very first Hallmark movie, “Elevator Girl.” Along with her post, she shared a collage showing all the many Hallmark movies she had starred in.

She wrote: “When I filmed “Elevator Girl” for @hallmarkchannel all those years ago I had no idea that it would turn into such a special journey. I’m gearing up to begin filming again soon and I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you so much for watching. I truly appreciate your support ❤️”

She then asked her friends and followers which of her movies was their favorite.

Jonathan Bennett replied, “Elevator Girl because obviously. We were together!”

Andrew Walker replied, “The world is lucky to have you in it. ❤️”

Cindy Busby wrote, “So incredible!!! Congratulations for all the beautiful stories you bring to life and the new one you’re about to begin! 💖✨🎉”

Rachel Boston replied, “This is amazing! You are amazing!”

Haylie Duff wrote, “So much to be proud of!! Congrats babe!”

One of her followers, Kirstin Hendershot, wrote: “I have loved all of your hallmark movies! I particularly love the wedding veil movies because they are so unique! I loved the friendships in those movies! I also love All of My Heart in Love and All of My Heart the Wedding! 💖. I hope to see you at Christmas Con NJ 2022!”

Chabert replied, “thank you! I’ll see you there!”

Chabert recently signed a contract with Crown Media in February 2022.

Crown Media revealed in a press release that after starring in films with the channel for more than 10 years, Chabert has signed an exclusive deal with the network that lasts two years. Her contract includes starring in and executive producing movies, along with developing additional content for the channel and other Hallmark platforms.

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