Lacey Chabert Reveals the One Sequel Movie She Really Wants to Make

Lacey Chabert

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Hallmark star Lacey Chabert recently attended a Christmas Con event in Pasadena, California, where she spoke on a panel with Brennan Elliott and other stars. While she was answering questions, Chabert revealed the one movie that she really wants to make a sequel to.

Chabert Would Love to Make a Follow-Up Movie to Her ‘All of My Heart’ Series

While fielding questions about “Crossword Mysteries,” Chabert revealed that “All of My Heart” is the series that truly has her heart when it comes to making a follow-up, People reported.

“I was just saying that the follow-up I would want to do would be to All of My Heart,” she told the audience. The crowd cheered in response, clearly on board with the idea of another movie. The last film in that series premiered in 2018.

She also joked about how much fun it was to film scenes with goats.

“Every time the goats were around, Brennan’s like, ‘Oh, we’ve lost her. There she goes,'” she shared. “But there were little teeny tiny baby goats! They were so adorable. … I really genuinely wanted to hold a goat in every scene.”

Considering that both Chabert and Elliott have exclusive deals with Hallmark, seeing the two in a movie together again doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Chabert signed an exclusive deal in February. Hallmark Media revealed in a press release that Chabert’s deal would last two years. Her contract includes starring in and executive producing movies, along with developing additional content for the channel and other Hallmark platforms.

Elliott signed an exclusive deal with Hallmark in March. Elliott told Deadline at the time: “It’s been a dream to have worked with the wonderfully creative and supportive team at Hallmark over the years. I’m thrilled to continue this relationship that’s meant so much to me and have the opportunity to bring to life new characters and tell stories that will make people smile.”

She Revealed Hallmark Isn’t Working on a New ‘Crossword Mysteries’

In the same panel, Chabert revealed that Hallmark isn’t working on a new “Crossword Mysteries” film, even though she and Elliott would love to make another,  People reported.

She told the group: “I’m really proud of the five movies and I love where they’ve taken the characters, finally solving the murder and having a romantic ending. They are really fun but it’s been a year and a half since we made one and I don’t know what the future holds for Crossword exactly. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Elliott added: “Hopefully, we’ll work together on a lot more stuff.”

The two have also shared on social media how much they’d like to star in a new movie together.

Elliott tweeted, “I cherish our collaboration more than anything!! Blessed🙏 will always work with her and looking forward to many many more projects together. She gets to work with others as do I, but it’s very special when we work together. Always has been always will be.”

Chabert replied, “I miss working with you so much and I hope we get the chance to work together again very soon! I’m so proud of our nine movies together!”

Elliott tweeted back, “If u only knew luv! Miss our work together too!!!! 😫😩 hopefully we can do thousands of movies together soon 😂🤭👍🙏”

Chabert has a new movie premiering on August 21 called “Groundswell.” Ektor Rivera costars.

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