Lacey Chabert: ‘Unexpected Kindness’ Helped Her Hurting Heart While Filming Christmas Movie

Lacey Chabert.

Getty Lacey Chabert

Hallmark star Lacey Chabert recently opened up on social media about how a moment of unexpected kindness helped touch her hurting heart while she’s filming a new Christmas movie.

Her ‘Mama-Heart Was Hurting,’ But This Gift Helped Lift Her Spirits

Chabert shared on Instagram that an unexpected gift from the wardrobe department really touched her heart while she was feeling sad about missing her daughter’s first day of school. Chabert is currently filming a Christmas movie, and the wardrobe department left her a vase full of beautiful flowers. The note with the vase read, “From a department of moms to a wonderful mom, you’ve got this! Stay strong. We love you.”

Chabert explained that she was having a great time filming the movie, but felt sad because it was Julia’s first day of school and she couldn’t be with her.

Chabert wrote, “We facetime nonstop, and she’s in the best hands with my husband and sister, but of course I still feel terrible that I’m not there. I do my best to work my schedule around such special days, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided.”

She then added that when she walked into her trailer, she found the vase of flowers and the sweet note waiting for her.

“My heart was SO touched. Nothing like the support of others when you need it most,” she wrote.

Her followers, friends, and colleagues chimed in to agree with Chabert about how sweet the gift was.

Paul Campbell simply wrote, “The best.”

Alicia Witt commented, “this is soooooo beautiful. love that you are surrounded with kindred spirit-kind souls ❤️.”

Jennifer Suss wrote, “😍😍😍😍💗💗💗all working mothers understand the conflict. so sweet of your Mom crew, and you are an awesome Mom”

Elizabeth Carr wrote, “That is seriously the sweetest thing! I love that they thought of you in this way! Hang in there mama! ❤️”

Chabert’s Filming a New Christmas Movie

Chabert is busy filming a new Christmas movie.

On her Instagram stories, Chabert shared a photo of all the luggage she was taking with her as she set off to film. Her first caption read, “On the road again. Goin places that I’ve never been.”

In a second photo, she wrote, “1 Christmas movie to make!! Can’t wait to get started and tell you all about it very soon.”

In February, Chabert signed a two-year, exclusive deal with Hallmark.

Chabert said in a statement about the deal:

My experience at Hallmark, a home to me for over ten years now, has been wonderful and it’s beyond rewarding to create characters and develop stories that resonate so strongly with viewers. I’m also incredibly grateful to Crown’s programming team for supporting me as a producer and empowering me to develop and star in projects that bring my passion and creative vision to life. I am so excited for what’s next and to continue connecting with Hallmark’s audience.

The star’s latest Hallmark movie just premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. She starred in “Groundswell,” which was filmed in Hawaii.

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