Lori Loughlin Wants to Return to Her Acting Career

Lori Loughlin wants to return to acting.

Getty Lori Loughlin wants to return to acting.

Lori Loughlin, the former Hallmark star who once played a lead on When Calls the Heart, has said that she would like to return to acting again, a source close to her shared. Hallmark has not made any public statements since Loughlin was released from prison. The network made a clean break from Loughlin when the scandal first became public, removing her from all shows and series, including When Calls the Heart.

She’d Love to Return to Acting, But Is Focusing on Her Husband Right Now

A source close to Loughlin told People: “She previously expressed that she would love to act again at some point. She always loved her career. She loves filming and creating movies. The only focus right now though is to reunite with Mossimo.”

The source emphasized that Loughlin’s focus at the moment is her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, who is still in prison. Giannulli won’t be leaving prison until April 17, 2021, the Bureau of Prisons told WHDH.

Loughlin was sentenced to two months, plus two years of supervised release, 100 hours of community service, and a $150,000 fine. Giannulli was sentenced to five months of prison, two years of supervised release, 250 hours of community service, and a $250,000 fine, AP reported.

The source told People: “Lori is still in the moment of enjoying being back at home. The next big focus is of course to have Mossimo back home. No one can visit him in prison, because of COVID. He stays in touch with his family via phone calls. It seems Lori will put everything on hold until Mossimo is home. She isn’t really thinking about anything else.”

Hallmark, meanwhile, has not made any indication that the network would take Loughlin back. The network cut all ties with Loughlin when the scandal initially broke and has moved on from the actress’s role on the network.

Loughlin’s Daughter, Olivia Jade, Is Returning to YouTube

Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, is also teasing a return. In her case, it’s a return to her vlogs.


like this if i should bring back my #vlogzzzzz also tried to show u guys this natural makeup look (i can do a tutorial if anyone wants) Kk bye😄🤎 ily

♬ iM sO sHyyyy yy IG reyannamariaa – chunkymonkeeyy

Olivia posted on TikTok: “Like this if i should bring back my #vlogzzzzz also tried to show u guys this natural makeup look (i can do a tutorial if anyone wants) Kk bye😄🤎 ily…”

She later posted that yes, she will return to YouTube.


Reply to @nataliaananaaa wut ahh ♥️ lol

♬ original sound – Olivia Jade

Fans Are Divided on If They Want to See Loughlin on TV Again

Hallmark fans are divided about whether or not they would want to see Loughlin return to the network.

In a public Facebook discussion, one fan wrote: “Lori, I hope producers will bring you back on WCTH.”

Another fan wrote, “I still think she is a good actress and has paid a high price for her crime. I would still like to see her on Hallmark.”

But not everyone agrees. One fan wrote, “Hallmark is better without her.”

On Twitter, one person wrote: “The thing is I have no issue with her acting again. Live your life. I just hope that for her children’s sake, she really accepts responsibility for her actions.”

But another person disagreed, writing that since she’d have trouble finding a new job in the “real world,” it shouldn’t be any different in Hollywood: “In the ‘real world’ she would really struggle to find a decent paying job, let alone return right the life she had before. No one should ever watch her again.”

On Twitter, Kelly agreed, writing: “I better NOT see #LoriLoughlin working again !!! She hasn’t even begun learning her lesson of being a CHEAT and LIAR!! Lori, focus on your two years of supervised probation and completing your 100 hours of community service. Thanks…..”

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