Here’s What Happened to the Pregnancy Story in ‘Love in Glacier National’

"Love in Glacier National"

Hallmark "Love in Glacier National"

Hallmark viewers loved the recently premiered movie, “Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance.” But there was one storyline in particular that seemed to end suddenly. What happened to the fertility storyline? The film’s director shared on social media why the pregnancy story ended so suddenly.

This article has minor spoilers for the movie. 

The Director Revealed on Twitter What Happened With the Pregnancy Story

One of the major storylines in “Love in Glacier” involved Tegan Moss, who played the sister (Riley) of Ashley Newbrough’s character, Heather. Riley and Heather talked a lot about how Riley and her husband needed fertility treatment to get pregnant. Riley had revealed that they could only afford this last treatment and if she didn’t get pregnant, that was going to be it for them.

Then in a particularly poignant scene, Riley was shown taking a pregnancy test and finding out it was negative. But the movie never showed her discussing this with Heather, or following up on what Riley and her husband decided to do after that.

Fans loved the movie, but were curious about what happened with the pregnancy storyline. Director Christie Will Wolf revealed on Twitter just what had happened.

An account called TalkHorror asked Wolf: “My girlfriend wants to know if scenes were cut that explain some of the plot points? She was wondering what happened with the sister’s baby.”

Wolf explained: “Yes – the conclusion scene went close to were the intensity of the end of movie (avalanche) happened. Just broke up the A story too much. So it ended up on the floor. Unfortunately.”

So it looks like they did film a conclusion to the fertility storyline, but the scenes had to be cut.

The movie did well ratings-wise, bringing in two million live viewers, which was more than CBS, NBC, or Fox had during that same time period.

The actors also addressed the question, with Moss sharing that Riley would eventually tell Heather about what happened.

“Sisters tell each other everything eventually,” she tweeted in response to one fan’s question about the storyline.

Hallmark Movies Sometimes Have to Cut Scenes or Ideas Because of Time Limits

This isn’t the first time that a Hallmark movie or series had to cut a scene due to time limits.

“Three Wise Men & a Baby” had 25 minutes of deleted scenes, the stars have shared.

The script also had a backstory about Tyler Hynes’ character that had to be cut. Paul Campbell talked about this during a Roma Drama Live appearance.

He said, in part: “Our idea was that he takes the bus or the train and he’s environmentally conscious, so he doesn’t own a car. He’s a very particular guy and he’s a complicated guy. And you know, you write these deep backstories but there’s not time to work it in… We also wrote a scene where he gets off the bus at the beginning and he’s like, ‘Work’s starting right now,’ I’m gonna get that coffee. And he goes to get the coffee and he shows up late.”

“When Calls the Heart” also has to sometimes delete scenes due to time restraints. For example, in season 8 a scene was shot where Nathan took Ali fishing but it had to be cut.

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