Chris McNally on What Lucas & Elizabeth Were Saying While Nathan Watched

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In a key moment during When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6, Nathan is watching as Lucas and Elizabeth are talking to each other, but we can’t hear what they’re saying. Chris McNally revealed their conversation in a recent Twitter post.

This article will have spoilers for When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6. 

Chris McNally Revealed That He & Erik Krakow Were Talking About Tuna Melts

While the episode was airing, McNally (who plays Lucas on the show) tweeted: “Fun fact: Nathan seeing Lucas and Elizabeth chatting – you’re watching @erinkrakow
and I having a great impromptu convo about tuna melts… which we later had to dub over. I guess that topic wasn’t a hit with the powers at be. #Hearties”

Krakow joked that McNally was giving away all their secrets. She tweeted in response, “Hahaha. @ChrisMcNally_! You’re really spilling all the tea tonight! #Hearties
@hallmarkchannel @SCHeartHome”

At the end of the episode this week, Nathan revealed that he’s not giving up on Elizabeth while he watched Elizabeth and Lucas talking. Elizabeth seemed to be having a good time chatting with Lucas, but now we know why they were laughing so much and appearing so lighthearted.

As for Nathan’s part of the scene, he was watching them closely and commenting to Carson about how he wasn’t ready to let her go, just like Carson isn’t ready to let go of Faith. His exchange with Carson started when Carson asked, “Why do we stop trying new things?”

Nathan replied, while watching Elizabeth and Lucas talk: “I don’t know. Probably give up when things don’t go our way the first time… Staying with someone you’re comfortable with… More meaningful relationships… She’s got to know me. It’s as simple as that… I’m not giving up.”

Krakow Shared Some Behind-the-Scenes Moments from the Car Scene Too

One moment during the episode showed Lucas and Elizabeth almost kissing after dashing through the rain to get into Lucas’ car. Krakow shared a few more behind-the-scenes stories from that moment, including this picture:

She also shared a photo that Brian Bird tweeted from the scene, joking that he could have found a more flattering picture to share.

McNally shared this behind-the-scenes photo right after they filmed the scene.

And when a fan asked if they were just getting lightly spritzed between takes, Krakow wrote: “Nope! We were still soaking wet from the rain!”

She also tweeted that the upcoming conversation between Nathan and Elizabeth next week is going to be “interesting.”

Lucas Is Doing Detective Work Next Week

The Hallmark Channel revealed that Lucas is doing some detective work next week in Hope Valley, concerned about unseen dangers in Hope Valley.

Fans are excited about this storyline.

Fans are still divided on Team Nathan vs Team Lucas. Some think that Nathan watching Lucas and Elizabeth and deciding that he can’t give up is noble of him and he should fight for the one he loves. Others think that Nathan is watching them a little too closely and that since Elizabeth already told him what her decision was, he should honor that and move on. Only time will tell which fandom is right.

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