5 ‘When Calls the Heart’ Videos Reveal Lucas & Elizabeth’s Season 9 Romance

Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart

Crown Media Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart

The Hallmark Channel shared a number of sneak peek videos looking ahead to season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” Among these videos were several that gave viewers a glimpse at Elizabeth and Lucas’ growing romance. Here’s how you can watch all the major sneak peek videos.

Sneak Peek #1: Elizabeth & Lucas Share a ‘Little Moment’ Together

You can watch the first clip of Elizabeth and Lucas here or in the Instagram post below.

At the end of season 8, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) chose to pursue a relationship with Lucas (Chris McNally) after a season-long love triangle between Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan (Kevin McGarry). When introducing one sneak peek over Christmas weekend, Krakow said, “I can’t wait for everyone to finally see our characters, Elizabeth and Lucas, together as a couple in the new season!” She added after the clip aired, “If you love love, this is the season to watch.”

McNally added, “It’s definitely been a long time coming.”

In the sneak peek, Lucas shows up to walk Elizabeth home and she’s pleased to see him.

Lucas comments, “This can be one of those ‘little moments’ that we can keep on sharing.”

Elizabeth jokes, “You realize that by pointing out the little moments, you make them big moments?”

He says that he’s looking forward to having more time for “all types of moments.”

One fan noted that they loved how Elizabeth reaches for Lucas’ hand in that scene, and he kissed her at the end.

Another fan pointed out that two of the scenes we see appear to have been filmed on the same day.

Here’s a clip that was part of another sneak peek video, but only briefly seen:

Sneak Peek #2: Elizabeth & Lucas Prepare for a Balloon Ride

In another sneak peek, which you can watch here or in the Instagram post below, we learn more about that balloon ride that Lucas and Elizabeth take in season 9. Elizabeth looks nervous about the balloon ride they’re about to take right outside the schoolhouse, but Lucas assures her that he knows how to operate an air balloon.

In a sweet moment, Lucas promises, “I will never let anything happen to you.”

Sneak Peek #3: Lucas Has a Black Eye

In a third sneak peek, Lucas shows up at Elizabeth’s home with a black eye. You can watch the sneak peek here or below. This is possibly the first time we’ve seen Lucas in Elizabeth’s home. Even though Nathan had several scenes there, Lucas was not shown in the row house.

In the video, Elizabeth is surprised by Lucas’ black eye and asks him what happened.

“I walked into a door,” he says. Elizabeth isn’t sure she believes him and wants to discuss it more. He says she needs to go to school and he and Jack need to go sailing. It looks like he’s going to spend the day taking care of Little Jack in this episode. He says the toy he gave Little Jack is “just like the one your father had,” and Elizabeth says it’s a very thoughtful gift.

Sneak Peek #4: Rosemary & Elizabeth Talk About How Lucas Would Make a Good Dad

In another sneak peek, which you can watch here, Rosemary and Elizabeth chat about whether or not Lucas will be a good father.

Rosemary comments, “I saw Lucas and Little Jack earlier today. … Lucas will make a wonderful father.”

Elizabeth looks surprised and Rosemary adds, “Oh, don’t give me that look. You obviously feel the same way.”

“Yes,” Elizabeth says. “But perhaps you could slow my trip down the aisle just a bit?”

The two laugh as Rosemary hums the wedding march, and it looks like things are going great between Elizabeth and Lucas.

Sneak Peek #5: McNally & Krakow Said the New Actor Portraying ‘Little Jack’ Was Fun to Work With

In another sneak peek, McNally shared that their characters are finally moving forward as a couple. You can watch this one in the video below.

Krakow comments, “I am so excited for Elizabeth and Little Jack to have Lucas in their lives.”

“Hyland Goodrich, who now plays Little Jack, he was so much fun to work with,” McNally adds.

“Lucabeth” fans are really enjoying these sneak peeks.

One fan wrote: “I love how happy they look together now that they are finally together as a couple. Based on the previews, this is definitely going to be a fantastic season. In fact, I think the romantic moments between E&L are more then in E & J’s courtship. #LucaBeth #Hearties #S9WillBeDivine”

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