Chris McNally Warns: Lucas Faces Dark Crisis That ‘Might Upset Some Hearties’

Lucas will face a major crisis this season.

Hallmark/Heavy Lucas will face a major crisis this season.

Chris McNally, who stars as Lucas on “When Calls the Heart,” is warning fans that there will be tougher times ahead for his character this season, and some fans might find it difficult to watch.

Lucas Will Face ‘More Than He Can Bear’

Lucas has had a rough go of it lately on “When Calls the Heart.” Elizabeth broke their engagement at the end of season 10. Then shortly after winning the governor’s race, he was shot. Now in season 11, the character is suffering memory loss about the shooting and is trying to move forward with plans for a resort in Hope Valley.

In a Facebook Live interview on the Hallmark Channel’s official Facebook page, McNally warned that things are only going to get tougher for the character.

“This season for me was particularly interesting because you get to see the cracks in Lucas,” McNally said. “Because he is handling so much and it’s more than he can bear and he does start to break down in ways that we haven’t seen from Lucas before. I feel that will be fun for Hearties to see. It might upset some Hearties. It might not, because he is a very understanding, compassionate man, but when you put enough weight on somebody’s shoulders, everyone has a tipping point… We see the pressure cooker side of Lucas as the season progresses.”

Things Will ‘Start to Crumble’ for Lucas This Season

In the same Facebook Live interview, Deidre Behar from ET asked McNally what Lucas’ “tipping point” will be this season. He started out by saying that some of it will involve Lee and Rosemary.

Then he elaborated.

“Lucas is incredibly focused on this resort…” he said. “This is the best path to solidify Hope Valley’s future… But not everybody agrees with Lucas on what the best way to go about this is. And that’s sort of, I think, where things start to crumble for him. He’s trying to do what he thinks is best and other people have different opinions.”

McNally went on to say that some of the pressure comes from Jeanette’s visit to Hope Valley.

“Once friends start expressing those opinions … things can get heated and start to crumble and crack,” he said. “And then add on everything with our friend Jeanette, that she brings to town, and … I don’t want to give too much away. But it’s coming. It’s like a big snowball and it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger.”

McNally also revealed that Jeanette will return to Hope Valley at some point.

“I would say that you have not seen the last of Jeanette,” he said. “Jeanette seems to have a way of coming in at inopportune times, which I think she thrives on. But no, we have not seen the last of her. There’s more to come. I’m excited actually for the Hearties to see what happens and where that goes.”

Behar wanted to know just how much the drama with Jeanette will ramp up. In response, McNally said that so far, they were only at about 40% of the drama level.

Will Lucas eventually get to a more peaceful, happier place in his life?

“Well, it’s always darkest before the dawn, right?” McNally teased.

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