New Photo of Lucas Shared from ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9

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While an official photo of Elizabeth and Lucas hasn’t yet been shared from “When Calls the Heart” season 9, a second photo of Lucas from season 9 of the Hallmark series has been revealed.

The New Scene Shows Lucas Inside the Saloon

Peter DeLuise, series director, shared the following behind-the-scenes photo on Twitter that showed Chris McNally filming a scene in the saloon as Lucas for season 9. DeLuise didn’t give any hints about what the scene entailed but simply wrote: “#WCTH BTS #Hearties.”

It’s really tough to predict anything from this scene. Lucas looks like he might appear slightly concerned, but since other main characters can’t be viewed, it’s unclear what is going on in this scene.

The photo shows Lucas in the more formal clothes he’s known for wearing, but he’s not holding his customary teacup that fans got so used to seeing last season. Some fans are hoping for scenes with Lucas in season 9 that show him more casually dressed, but this one shows him hard at work at his saloon and restaurant.

Fans were thrilled about the photo, even with few details shared about it.

One fan wrote: “Thank you so much for the BTS of our handsome Lucas! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes Love that color on him! ❤ Now can we please have a BTS photo of Lucas and Elizabeth!”

Another fan wrote: “Thank you, Mr. DeLuise, for the new BTS photo of Lucas Bouchard! The King Of Hearts is holding court & looking positively REGAL in his green vest/tie combo. All we need is his Queen to complete the picture. Pretty Please?!”

Overall, most responses were requesting a photo of Lucas and Elizabeth. Another fan wrote: “Thank you for all of these BTS photos. I love seeing this picture of Lucas. But I really want a picture of Lucas and Elizabeth and then one of them with Little Jack.”

Another fan asked for a photo of Lucas and Elizabeth, commenting that they aren’t as patient as Lucas was in season 8. They wrote: “We love and adore Lucas and are thrilled to see him!!! However, we are not as patient as he is and really, really want to see him and Elizabeth and Jack together as a loving family. Too much?”

Another fan wrote: “This guy ALWAYS brings a smile to my face.”

DeLuise had previously shared one additional photo of Lucas from season 9, showing him on the balcony of the saloon.

Erin Krakow Shared a Photo of Hope Valley’s Sky

While Erin Krakow isn’t revealing any spoilers about Lucas and Elizabeth either, she did show a photo of the sky in Hope Valley during filming. She’s in Canada filming for season 9 too.

She’s shared other fun behind-the-scenes photos, including an early morning makeup photo with Pascale Hutton.

She also shared a photo of a painting that was made by Abigail’s husband, which Jack noticed in season one.

Some fans are hoping this was a hint that Abigail might be returning. However, it was more than likely simply an indication that they were filming at Abigail’s Cafe. DeLuise also shared a photo from Abigail’s Cafe recently.

He wrote: “Lunch in real life at Abigail’s Cafe.”

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