Official Poster for Luke Macfarlane’s New Christmas Movie Revealed

Crown Media Luke Macfarlane on The Mistletoe Promise.

An official poster for Luke Macfarlane’s new Christmas movie has just been released, revealing more details about what to expect from his latest Hallmark project.

The Poster Has the Tagline ‘Their Love Story Is Just Being Written’

The new poster features the tagline: “Their love story is just being written.” The movie’s called “Christmas in My Heart.” The movie’s working title, while it was being filmed, was “Love Song for Noel.”

The photo above is an international sales poster, explained the Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw. Hallmark will also share its own photo for the movie at a future date.

Macfarlane will be starring opposite Heather Hemmens in this music-focused movie,  ET Online reported. The movie will air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, where Macfarlane portrays a country music star and Hemmens portrays a concert violinist. Both are getting over deaths in their family, and may discover that their friendship helps them both heal.

Last Year He Starred in a Music-Themed Christmas Movie Too

This type of movie is right up Macfarlane’s alley. Last year he starred in “Chateau Christmas,” which was also a music-themed movie.

The description for that movie read: “Margot, a world-renowned pianist, returns to Chateau Neuhaus to spend the holidays with her family and rediscover her passion for music. While there, her ex-boyfriend and former bandmate Jackson, convinces her to headline the annual Christmas Concert and working together brings back all their old feelings.”

Macfarlane gravitates toward these movies because he’s a classically trained cellist, he told TV Goodness. Last year when he was quarantining before filming “Chateau Christmas,” he played his cello frequently to help pass the time.

At the time he wrote on Instagram: “I’m quarantined in this hotel room for 14days. Literally can’t leave! But I brought my cello, so we are taking this time to get acquainted with each other again. This is Bach’s prelude from suite 1 Gmaj….. trigger warning.”

“It was really fun to practice every day for 14 days. I cannot remember the last time [I did that],” he told TV Goodness. He had enjoyed practicing the cello so much that he had the producers change the original script from his character playing a violin to a cello.

He said that during the finale concert at the end of the movie, he cried in real life while listening to the music. He said he was truly touched and wasn’t acting in that scene.

He said:

I love music. I really do. I’ve played the cello since I was a little kid. There was one moment when Merritt’s character is playing the piano. I remember they had this wonderful pianist, Karen Allred. She had written all the music and recorded this beautiful Christmas-themed [composition.] … I was listening to her play at the concert and it just hit me. I felt myself tearing up. Just that amazing moment where you [feel the] music. That was really maybe one of my favorite things. It was just also fun [to] sit around between takes and play cello and people [realized I could] actually play.

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