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Luke Macfarlane

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Although Luke Macfarlane is incredibly grateful to Hallmark for all the lead roles he’s enjoyed, he recently revealed that he is likely leaving the network and won’t be starring in any new movies after this year.

Macfarlane’s Christmas Movie for 2022 Will Likely Be His Last Hallmark Movie

In an interview with LA Times, Macfarlane broke the news about how he is likely leaving Hallmark. He’s currently filming a new Christmas movie for the network that is called “Christmas Village.” But this movie will likely be his last.

“They’ve been very good to me, but I think I’ve told my story for now with those folks,” Macfarlane told LA Times. “I mean, how many firefighters can I play?”

This will be his 14th movie with Hallmark, and fans will no doubt be disappointed to learn that he won’t be continuing to make movies for the network.

However, he’s grateful for his time with Hallmark and really appreciates all the opportunities he’s had, he’s shared in multiple interviews.

Macfarlane told the LA Times: “One thing that I really enjoyed about making Hallmark movies is it’s really fun to flirt. It’s fun to play that energy on camera, where relationships are at their best in those early times. I guess Hallmark has given me a lot of flirting lessons.”

He told Yahoo in an interview: “Hallmark gave me jobs for a long time. And not only just the gay best friend — they let me be a leading man. I’m always going to be very grateful to them for that.”

He also told Yahoo in 2019 that he would fully support Hallmark one day airing a movie where a gay romance was the central story.

His Multi-Picture Contract with Hallmark Ends This Fall, According to Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair reported that Macfarlane’s multi-movie contract expires this fall. The multi-picture deal was announced earlier this year, Deadline reported. At the time, the announcement didn’t share how long the deal would last, only that it was for multiple movies.

Macfarlane told Deadline about the new deal at the time: “I’m excited to be part of the joy that Hallmark brings to their viewers, not only for Christmas but to be able to participate in telling these heartfelt stories all year long. I’m really grateful to have this opportunity.”

Macfarlane’s career has been taking off. He’s starring in “Bros” opposite Billy Eichner. “Bros” features an LGBTQ romance and cast. It’s a Universal Pictures film.

Bros | Official Trailer [HD]Here’s the NEW TRAILER for #BrosMovie! Trust me, it looks way BIGGER in theaters.😉 See you September 30. — Bros In Theaters September 30 This fall, Universal Pictures proudly presents the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men maybe, possibly, probably, stumbling towards love. Maybe. They're both very busy.  From the…2022-06-16T15:00:29Z

The movie is releasing in the U.S. on September 30.

Universal Pictures notes: “Universal Pictures proudly presents the first romantic comedy from a major studio about two gay men maybe, possibly, probably, stumbling towards love. Maybe. They’re both very busy.”

The movie is produced by Nicholas Stoller, Judd Apatow, and Joshua Church. BIlly Eichner is the executive producer, and he co-wrote the movie with Stoller.

Eichner told LA Times about the movie: “Judd [Apatow] is known for discovering new, outside-the-box talent. Whether it was Seth Rogen or Melissa McCarthy or Kumail Nanjiani or Amy Schumer, he has a long history of introducing a lot of hilarious fresh voices to the world. What’s so cool is that this is just like that, except it’s the LGBTQ version of it.”

Crown Media has signed numerous stars to multi-picture deals with the Hallmark Channel. Andrew Walker signed an exclusive contract with the company. His deal is one of many, including new deals with Lacey Chabert, Holly Robinson PeeteBrennan Elliott, Jonathan Bennett, Taylor Cole, and Ryan Paevey.

Others have signed with GAC Media. Danica McKellar signed an exclusive three-year contract with GAC Media, and Jen Lilley and Trevor Donovan also signed contracts with the network.

You can see a full list of some of the major contracts in our story here.

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Wendy Duenas
Wendy Duenas
1 month ago

To each their own, but I watch the Hallmark channel to remind myself of better days. I have gay friends, but they also feel the same as I. There personal life is just that personal and doesn’t really belong on the Hallmark channel.

kathy centore
kathy centore
2 months ago


Karen Munyer
Karen Munyer
2 months ago

I can’t even believe Hallmark without him…….He is by far one of your very best actors. I am not sure what I will be doing . I have watched some of the movies on “the other ” network and except for the movies that they air from Hallmark I am not impressed.

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