Luke Macfarlane Wants These 2 Starring Roles Next

Luke Macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane

Luke Macfarlane just starred as the lead in the feature film rom-com, “Bros.” He’s also well-known for his roles in Hallmark movies, “Brothers & Sisters,” and “Killjoys.” But there are two big roles that he’s hoping to do next, the star recently revealed.

He’d Love to Return to Broadway

Macfarlane has previously starred in Broadway productions, and he told People in an interview that he would love to return.

“I’m … eager to get back and do some Broadway, so maybe an opportunity will come up there,” he said. “I’ve learned in my career that you have to be open to all the possibilities and just be curious.”

According to Broadway World, Macfarlane starred in “The Normal Heart” on Broadway in 2011, along with a national U.S. tour in 2012. He also starred in three off-Broadway productions: “The Busy World is Hushed,” “Where Do We Live?” and “Juvenilia.”

According to Playbill, the original play was seen as being ahead of its time, addressing issues like gay marriage, AIDS, and the healthcare system.

Macfarlane has a lot of musical talent in his background. He’s a classically trained cellist and played his cello a lot during his 14-day quarantine before filming “Chateau Christmas,”  TV Goodness reported. He even had the original script changed to reflect his musical background.

“The original script was having him play the violin, and I said, ‘Let’s change it,’” he told TV Goodness. “…It was really fun to practice every day for 14 days. I cannot remember the last time [I did that].”

Macfarlane told the Hartford Courant that he was once a member of a boys choir in school and in eighth grade, he formed a band with some friends called Fellow Nameless.

He Wants to Star in an Action Movie

In addition to going back to Broadway, Macfarlane also told People that he wants to star in an action movie someday.

“I’d love to continue to act in movies,” he said. “I’ve always been eager to explore some more action-type roles, so we’ll see if any of those opportunities come my way. I’m open to lots of things.”

He joked that his success made his family happy, but for very practical reasons.

“I don’t come from a family of performers, so I think they’re just grateful I have health insurance,” he told People.

He also revealed that even thought it’s been 11 years since he was on “Brothers & Sisters,” he’s still good friends with Matthew Rhys, who played his character’s husband on the series.

Macfarlane is starring in “A Magical Christmas Village” this year on Hallmark, but it will likely be his last Hallmark movie.

In an interview with LA Times, Macfarlane said: “They’ve been very good to me, but I think I’ve told my story for now with those folks. I mean, how many firefighters can I play?”

However, he also revealed that Hallmark is happy about his success.

“I’ve been doing romantic comedies for a long time with Hallmark and they have given me an incredible opportunity to sort of learn how to sort of be in that genre … they’re really excited for me,” he told People.

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Alfreda Nishan
Alfreda Nishan
1 month ago

Luke MacFarlane is a very talented actor, I hope I will see him in more Hallmark movies, Good luck to him.

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