Where Was ‘Meet Me at Christmas’ Filmed?

Where was Meet Me at Christmas filmed?

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Hallmark is re-airing a 2020 Christmas movie, Meet Me at Christmas, at 2 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, October 31, 2021. This movie stars Catherine Bell of Good Witch and Mark Deklin. The movie is about how Bell’s character copes when her son’s wedding planner quits at the last minute. Where was the movie filmed? Meet Me at Christmas was filmed in one of Hallmark’s favorite locations for filming: Canada.

‘Meet Me at Christmas’ Was Filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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The synopsis for the movie reads: “When her son’s wedding planner quits, Joan must coordinate his Christmas Eve wedding with the help of Beau, the bride’s uncle. They realize their fates and pasts are intertwined.”

The movie was filmed largely in Calgary, IMDb reported, with filming starting in September 2020 and filming wrapping on October 10. The movie had a quick turnaround, premiering on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries just a little over a month later.

Calgary is the sixth-largest TV market in Canada. It’s a popular choice for Hallmark productions because tax breaks allow them to save more money while filming, Mental Floss reported. In fact, it’s Calgary and the surrounding area is a popular choice for many productions. Many movies you may have seen have been filmed in the region, including Legends of the Fall, The Revenant, Dances with Wolves, Inception, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Fargo, Black Summer, Wild Roses, Wynonna Earp, and more.

Alberta had to make a lot of changes in order to be ready for filming after the pandemic broke out. It originally shut down in March, CBC reported, but when it later reopened many productions took advantage of the opportunity, including Hallmark.

One of the locations where the movie was filmed was Bragg Creek, west of Calgary.

Another location was Heritage Park.

IMDb also provided some photos of filming. You can see a picture of the filming in the woods here.

The set decoration looks amazing.

The cast seemed to really love filming this movie.

And of course, given the time of filming, there was a lot of real, authentic snow.

Director Annie Bradley later shared that she remotely edited the movie and really enjoyed the experience.

Catherine Bell, Who Plays Joan, Shared Some Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Bell plays Joan in the movie, and she shared some behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. Filming wrapped on October 9, so this movie had a quick turnaround.

She also shared this post from producer Jennifer Aspen.

Bell also shared this photo on the last day of the last scene. They took a lot of precautions because of the pandemic. Bell wrote: “Last day. Last scene. Of what has turned out to be the most magical, sweet, charming, lovely romantic, heartwarming movie and experience!! I can’t wait to share this one with you 💗 and I can’t say enough about the Calgary cast and crew .. and of course my BEAUTIFUL friend that I would pretty much agree to do anything with anywhere anytime girl!”

After she finished filming, Bell went on to shoot the new season of Good Witch in Toronto.

Mark Deklin, Who Plays  Beau, Also Shared Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Deklin talked about the movie on the Deck the Hallmark podcast and shared a lot of behind-the-scenes photos on social media. This next photo, without a filter, was taken of the sunset in Calgary while on set.

He also shared his love for Alberta’s scenery in this tweet.

In an interview with Hallmark, Deklin talked about what makes him grateful every day.

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Producer Jennifer Aspen Shared Special Moments During the Filming

Producer Jennifer Aspen and Catherine Bell are friends. During the filming, she took a photo of Bell and wrote a beautiful quote about her friend. She wrote:

We’ve worked hard, we have wounds, and we’re on the second to last day. I think we’ve made you all a gorgeous and moving movie. But a personal word about @therealcatherinebell I deeply love this woman. Friends for 20plus years, started in acting class together pre JAG, always a star. Because she delivers with every single take and in between those, she delivers impeccable manners and grace. Did I already say I love this woman? Well I do. She said yes to my first movie and launched me as a Creative Producer. So. Appreciation for this one expands well beyond the firmament.

Bell was equally appreciative about Aspen, sharing that filming wrapped on Aspen’s birthday.

The first day of principal photography was September 21.

During a night shoot, Aspen shared this next video showing the beautiful set.

And she shared this photo of the stunningly beautiful Alberta skies.

On September 27, Aspen talked about how she now understands the “Oh Canada” part of the anthem.

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Luke Bilyk (Liam)
  • Sage Kitchen (Katie)
  • Joelle Farrow (Young Joan)
  • Oscar Derkx (Young Beau)
  • Ivan Cermak (Peter)
  • Mark Bellamy (Charlie)
  • Lorette Clow (Mariann)
  • Melanee Murray (Vanessa)
  • Zina Lee (Heather – Shop Customer)
  • Katherine Fadum (Sarah)
  • Eric Wigston (Morgan)
  • Owen Bishop (Harry – Inn Employee)
  • Stephanie Wolfe (Paige – Shop Owner)
  • Lydia Lau (Baker)
  • Tenaj Williams (Tommy)
  • Keaira Pliva (Little Girl)
  • Jerry Callaghan (Bob)
  • Ivy Miller (Stacy)
  • Orin McCusker (Steve – Shop Customer)
  • Tara Jackson (Bakery Employee – Flashback)
  • Lara Schmitz (Bakery Employee – Present Day)
  • Conrad Hild (Priest)
  • Dean Barrett (Mayor – Flashback)
  • Griffin Cork (Contest Organizer)
  • Roxanne Wong (Mayor Present Day)
  • Colette Nwachi (Inn Waitress)
  • Rohini Singh (Bakery Customer Woman)

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