Meghan Ory Faced Pregnancy Complications While Filming ‘Chesapeake Shores’

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Meghan Ory, who plays Abby O’Brien on Hallmark’s “Chesapeake Shores,” was pregnant while they were filming the sixth and final season. She recently revealed that she was dealing with complications while filming.

She Had Hyperemisis Gravidarum & Then COVID

In an Instagram post, Ory revealed that she was pregnant and dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum while filming the sixth season of the series. By the time filming was wrapping up, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

She wrote: “I started this season with #hyperemesisgravidarum and ended it with #covid -it has been quite the run! thank you so much to our amazing cast and crew for having so much patience with me while I tried not to barf on anyone. Thank you to my amazing hubby @johnny_reardon_ for holding down the fort and being my rock —and our two, yes two Nannie’s for all their support. With mom and dad both on tv shows, two Nannie’s was a must!”

According to Cleveland Clinic, hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition where pregnant women suffer from severe vomiting and nausea. The site warns, “You might vomit more than four times a day, become dehydrated, feel constantly dizzy and lightheaded and lose ten pounds or more.”

The condition is not common, and is typically caused by rising hormones during the first trimester. Treatments can include pressure point wristbands, ginger, IV fluids, vitamin B6, or an IV of nutrients for more severe cases.

Her co-stars, friends, and followers replied to their post saying how proud of her they were.

Emilie Ullerup wrote, “Love my seester.”

Robert Buckley replied, “You are unstoppable.”

On May 2, she shared an on-set picture and wrote, “#acting like I’m not going to barf.”

On April 29, she shared a photo about how happy she was to be back.

Other ‘Chesapeake Shores’ Stars Also Posted about the Series Ending

Ullerup shared a photo on Instagram when filming finished and wrote, “For six years I got to play these wonderful, nutty people’s daughter, sister and brother. It is the longest running job of my career. So much happened in our make-believe world and also in our personal lives. It was a wonderful cushion to have a whole second family to share the ups and downs with. I know they will all move onto great things as they are truly talented people. I will forever be grateful for all that #chesapeakeshores gifted me with. What a great run, fam.”

Treat Williams wrote, “It’s a great final season. Join us.”

Barbara Niven shared some behind-the-scenes photos from filming.

When she wrapped filming, she wrote: “It’s so hard to say goodbye to this character, this family, and to all of you who have watched and made it possible for these past six years of filming. THANK YOU for being part of the O’Brien family… This is by far the best season we’ve had yet, and we hope you will love watching it as much as we loved making it.”

“Chesapeake Shores” returns for its sixth season on Sunday, August 14. Deadline previously reported that the sixth season will be 10 episodes long. If a new episode airs each week without a break, then this means the series finale will air on October 16, 2022, just before the Countdown to Christmas season begins.

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