Here Are the Most-Viewed Hallmark Christmas Movies of 2022

Hallmark Christmas Ratings

Hallmark Hallmark Christmas Ratings

Hallmark had an extensive lineup of new Christmas movies for 2022, kicking off in October. Out of all the new movies, which ones were the most viewed? Here’s a look at Hallmark’s top-rated movies in terms of same-day viewing for 2022.

‘Three Wise Men & a Baby’ Had the Most Premiere-Day Views of All the Hallmark Movies

The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw, using statistics from ShowBuzzDaily, compiled the ratings for Hallmark’s Christmas movies after the final holiday movie debuted. The numbers are live viewers only from the movie’s premiere and do not include Live+2, Live+3, or other delayed viewings.

Three Wise Men & a Baby” came out on top for all of 2022, according to statistics from ShowBuzzDaily. It also broke records reaching back to 2019.

In terms of live viewers, the movie brought in 3.626 million views and ranked .31 in the 18-49 demographic. For comparison, Hallmark’s first “The Wedding Veil” movie clocked in with 3.394 million live viewers, and hit .29 in the 18-49 demographic. The movie maintained its number 2 spot after the final Christmas movies aired.

Here are the highest-ranked Christmas movies, based on same-day viewing as reported by ShowBuzzDaily. Movies in parentheses are not Christmas films.

  1. Three Wise Men & a Baby: 3.63 million viewers
  2. (The Wedding Veil: 3.39 million viewers)
  3. Haul Out the Holly: 3.29 million
  4. (The Wedding Veil Legacy: 2.93 million)
  5. (Butlers in Love: 2.72 million)
  6. Christmas Class Reunion: 2.62 million
  7. (The Wedding Veil Unveiled: 2.59 million)
  8. The Royal Nanny: 2.57 million
  9. A Holiday Spectacular: 2.43 million
  10. (Where Your Heart Belongs: 2.42 million)

“Haul Out the Holly” was third — and the second most-watched Christmas film — with 3.29 million same-day/live viewers. Interestingly, “Butlers in Love” maintained a fifth-place spot despite not being a Christmas film.

“Christmas Class Reunion” hit number 6 with 2.62 million same-day viewers. “The Royal Nanny” was number eight with 2.57 million, followed by the Rockettes-themed “A Holiday Spectacular” at number nine with 2.43 million.

Interestingly, according to IMDb and Letterboxd user ratings, the top 2022 Christmas movies ratings-wise are “Three Wise Men & a Baby,” “Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas,” and “Ghosts of Christmas Always.”

The Top Views Are Slightly Higher Than 2021

According to @SleepyKittyPaw — an account known for sharing accurate information about ratings and production news — these numbers are slightly higher than last year’s ratings.

Two of Hallmark’s 2022 movies surpassed Hallmark’s top 2021 movie, “Christmas at Castle Hart,” which saw 3.31 million same-day viewers. Overall, 2022 had three movies above 3 million viewers, while 2021 had two movies above 3 million viewers.

Another big difference was that while the top 2021 movies were all Christmas films except for one movie, four of the top 2022 movies were not Christmas films. Three of the Top 10 went to “The Wedding Veil” series in 2022.

But where did some big holiday movies rank that weren’t in the Top 10 of 2022?

“The Holiday Sitter” brought in 1.453 million same-day viewers and ranked .21 in the 18-49 demographic. The Sunday night movie was competing with “Yellowstone.” It beat out highly acclaimed “The White Lotus,” which had 854,000 viewers on HBO Prime, and the Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge” which got 1.035 million viewers. Lifetime’s “Single & Ready to Jingle” saw 628,000 live viewers.

And where did the final weekend’s movies rank in terms of same-day viewers? Friday’s “Holiday Heritage” saw 1.425 million live viewers, which was better than Lifetime’s “Christmas to Treasure” with 450,000. Saturday’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” didn’t make it in the top 10, but it did draw in 2.02 million viewers. And Hallmark’s “Hanukkah on Rye” from Sunday landed 1.595 million live viewers, which was the best of any cable holiday content on that day. (In contrast, Lifetime’s “Wrapped Up in Love” on Sunday only saw 421,000 viewers.)

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries films don’t typically do as well as films that air on the Hallmark Channel, but the “Five More Minutes” sequel did bring in 1.037 million viewers, which is good for that network.

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