Meet the New Woman Who Might Catch Nathan’s Eye on ‘When Calls the Heart’

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On a “When Calls the Heart” sneak peek that was released by Hallmark on Christmas weekend, a newcomer to Hope Valley seems to be catching Nathan’s eye. Learn all about this mysterious new woman in this post.

This article has minor spoilers for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” 

Nathan Seems Intrigued By Mei Sou

Nathan (Kevin McGarry) seems to be intrigued by a new woman in Hope  Valley, according to a sneak peek from season 9.

You can watch the sneak peek here or in the tweet below.

The sneak peek begins with Hickham showing Nathan a poster from his mayoral run that’s been vandalized. He tells Nathan that he’s hoping he can figure out who the culprit was, but Nathan’s attention is quickly drawn away from Hickham and Fiona to a new woman who’s walking down the stairs.

“Hello,” he says.

“Good evening constable,” she pleasantly replies.

“Did I see you ride into town?” he asks.

“Did you?” she mysteriously replies.

“A brown quarter horse,” he says.

“It’s a very common breed,” she says.

“A very fast brown quarter horse,” he adds.

“Mei Sou,” she says, offering her hand. He shakes her hand as he introduces himself, and there really seem to be sparks between these two.

Director Peter DeLuise told fans that her name is Mei Suo. However, he later clarified that he had misspelled the name and it’s really Mei Sou. He wrote: “This name was changed from its original form “Mei Kuo” when it did not clear legal and I did not remember the final spelling. ‘Mei Sou.'”

In an interview with Deidre Behar of Entertainment Tonight, McGarry shared some details about what to expect from his character in season 9, which she shared on her Instagram.

McGarry said about season 9: “Feeling pretty excited, feeling pretty good. I think ‘When Calls the Heart’ is going to be venturing into new territory this year and it’s one of the more fresher seasons I think.”

Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith in the series, hinted to Behar that some drama from season 8 will carry over into the new season. Some fans had thought that Nathan and Faith might start a romance, but the new sneak peek doesn’t seem to point in that direction. It’s not clear if Brooks was referring to the Nathan-Elizabeth-Lucas drama, the ending where Carson and Faith broke up, or another storyline.

Brooks said: “The stakes are always high on this show, absolutely. But knowing what we know from season 8 … there are some strugglings that trickle into this year. So you have that added drama.”

Amanda Wong Plays the Role of Mei Sou

Amanda Wong plays the role of Mei Sou. She shared a photo in a tweet and announced that she’ll be part of the Hope Valley family in season 9.

She tweeted, “One of the first people to welcome me to the #wcth fam is one-of-a-kind gent, Mr. Peter Deluise! I feel fortunate to have been able to work under his tutelage. He’s an amazing actor, director, and writer as I’m sure all our #hearties know!”

Wong has been in previous Hallmark productions before, including “Raise a Glass to Love,” “Love on Trend,” “Mystery 101” (Holly Chen for two movies), and more. She also starred in Lifetime’s “Merry Liddle Christmas.” According to IMDb, her other credits include “A Million Little Things,” “Debris,” “Love Is a Piece of Cake,” “The Neighbor in the Window,” “Fatal Visit,” “My Birthday Romance,” “The Followers” (June Wu), “The Arrangement,” and “Welcome to Surrey” (Skylar for four episodes.)

Wong was raised in British Columbia, Canada, and holds a Guinness World Record, according to IMDb. She graduated with a masters in journalism from the University of Hong Kong and worked for a number of news organizations before becoming an actor.

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