Nikki Deloach to Star in New Hallmark Fall Film

Nikki Deloach

Getty Nikki Deloach will star in a new Hallmark movie coming this fall.

Summer is in full bloom but the Hallmark Channel is already hard at work filming movies for the “Fall Harvest” lineup.

Hallmark fan-favorite Nikki Deloach will star in a new movie about a horse farm that recently finished shooting in Marlborough, Connecticut. The Hartford Courant reports that around 75% of the movie was filmed on location at Meadowbrook Farm in Connecticut. The film is titled “Taking the Reins.” It’s set to premiere on September 25.

Renee Depuis and her husband Ed Bennet III own the horse farm where the movie was filmed. Depuis told The Hartford Courant of her encounters with Deloach and the other actors, “they couldn’t have been more lovely people.”

Although Depuis’s horses will not be featured in the film (stunt horses were brought in), the real sign outside the farm will be shown. The filmmakers asked Depuis’s permission to use the name Meadowbrook Farm in the film.

“I don’t want this to sound like boasting, but we do have a really beautiful farm. My husband works really hard to keep it looking beautiful. It’s just very picturesque,” said Depuis.

Meet the Cast

Deloach, known for Hallmark films including “Cranberry Christmas” and “Sweet Autumn”, will star alongside Scott Porter. Porter was recently seen in the Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia.” This will be Porter’s Hallmark debut.

Corbin Bernsen and Janine Turner will play Deloach’s parents in “Taking the Reins.” Deloach recently shared a still from the film on her Instagram page. “Something beautiful is being filmed and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. #Hallmark,” she wrote.

Porter has also been sharing Instagram photos from his time spent on location in Connecticut. He explored New Haven with a friend, played some Nintendo Switch between takes, and took a family photo with a horse.

“If you’re gonna work a 13-hour day in 90* heat on your birthday I strongly suggest a lovely breakfast with your wife and kids to start before heading to a beautiful place with gorgeous animals and incredible people to work with,” Porter wrote on Instagram

What to Expect from the Film

“Taking the Reins” is directed by actor/writer/director Claire Neiderpreum. Neiderpreum is no Hallmark novice, she’s directed seven other movies for the network including “Her Pen Pal” and “Holiday for Heroes.” She has a clear understanding of the Hallmark style.

Since “Taking the Reins” is set in the fall, we can also expect plenty of cozy Autumn scenery from the film. Andrew Gernhard of Synthetic Cinema International (the production company responsible for the film), told The Hartford Courant that leaves will be digitally recolored for the film. That way it looks like Autumn rather than July.

What Other Fall Hallmark Movies Are Coming Soon?

Hallmark has announced another Autumn movie coming soon, “Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone.” The film stars Tom Everett Scott as Benedict Stone, a man who has lost his zest for life after separating from his beloved wife, played by Mía Maestro.

But then Benedict’s teenage niece Gemma (played by Ella Ballentine) turns up on his doorstep, and his life is forever changed. “Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone” is based on the 2017 novel by Phaedra Patrick.

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