Paul Greene Warns While Bathing His Dramatic Cats: ‘Don’t Try This at Home’

Paul Greene bathing his cats.

Crown Media / YouTube Paul Greene bathing his cats.

Hallmark star Paul Greene loves his cats. He likes to share videos and stories about them on his YouTube and other social media channels. He’s recently started sharing some day-in-the-life type videos about his cats, including a demonstration of his attempt to bathe them while his cats yowled and reacted dramatically.

‘Don’t Try This at Home,’ He Warns in His Video Subject Line

Greene shared a video of him trying to wash his cats and helping his viewers learn some techniques that might help them too. He wrote in the caption, “My Cats don’t clean themselves very well especially robbie. They are very very vocal and lovely.”

You can watch the full video below.

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In the beginning of the video, you can see his cat Robbie meowing loudly and disagreeably while he tried to put him in a sink that was filled with a small amount of water.


Greene said he filled the sink with a little bit of warm water, which is a good idea because cats are more likely to accept warm water than water that feels too cold to them.


He said his cats are quite vocal but also got “quite grubby” because they don’t clean themselves well, so he had to step in.

While he bathed his cat Robbie, he poured just a little bit of shampoo on his hand and then put it gently on the cat’s back, taking care not to pour the shampoo directly on the cat. After he put on the shampoo, he gently scooped some water onto the cat to rub in the soap, while Robbie continued to meow his complaints. His cat actually seemed to quiet down a bit once he was spraying water on Robbie and washing the soap off. But after a few minutes, he got louder again. When they were done, he wrapped Robbie up in a towel to help him dry off, and Robbie was very quiet and comfy at that moment.


He said his cat Kismet will sometimes try to clean Robbie, because Robbie just doesn’t like to lick and clean himself. After he finished bathing Robbie, it was Kismet’s turn!


“You know what’s coming, I can feel her claws,” he commented as he began running the water. “…Prepare yourself, her cry is very human,” he warned the viewers.

He was right. Kismet had a lot of very loud yowls of complaint to share during her bath.


But they made it through OK, just like he did with Robbie.

“I didn’t even get scratched,” he said.

Greene Also Shared a Video About Clipping His Cats’ Claws

Six days earlier, Greene shared a video about trimming his cats’ claws.

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Greene shared in the cat bathing video that during the COVID pandemic, he and fiancee Kate Austin took in the mom and seven babies. They adopted Kismet and Robbie from the litter, and they found homes for the mom and the other babies. Sadly, two of the kittens died of FIP, he shared, and Kismet almost died. He said Austin gave Kismet medicine for 100 straight days to save her life.

“Rescue your cats, don’t buy them,” he advised his audience in his cat bathing video, before signing off.

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