POLL: Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan on ‘When Calls the Heart’?

Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan?

Crown Media Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan?

As Season 8 Episode 1 of When Calls the Heart kicks off on The Hallmark Channel, it’s time to ask fans to vote again on whether they are Team Lucas or Team Nathan. Elizabeth has a big decision to make, and fans have some strong feelings about who she should choose. First, vote in the poll below and then read on for more details about what’s going to happen this season.

Are You Team Lucas or Team Nathan?

Are you Team Lucas or Team Nathan? Fans are divided between Chris McNally, who plays Lucas, and Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan. Should she continue her life with a new Mountie, despite what happened with Jack, or should she choose a very different path for her future this time around? It’s a tough decision.

Take the poll below and let us know. If the poll embedded below does not appear on your browser, you can also access the poll at this link.

When Heavy hosted a poll in April about Lucas vs Nathan, 68.68% of respondents voted for Nathan, compared to 22.14% for Lucas. 6.31% said they simply missed Jack and neither compared to him. It’s going to be interesting to see if the results are similar now that the new season is starting or if they’re going to be different this time around.

Elizabeth Will Be More Comfortable Being Pursued This Season

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erin Krakow admitted that fans are likely getting tired of the love triangle, as entertaining as it is. She said: “…Love triangles are so exciting to watch and…I’m really proud of the way we’ve told this story. But they’re also really frustrating, and I have felt that from the fans. … I mean, they’re enjoying the ride but…they’re so eager to see Elizabeth and Baby Jack happy and starting to kind of get to enjoy that real courtship…”

McNally said the stakes are high this season.

“This season has much higher stakes,” he shared. “It’s a very, a roller coaster of a season… Season 8 just takes it to the next level where it’s like people you know, people could get quite hurt depending on the outcome.”

Krakow said that Elizabeth realizes this season that she’s comfortable with being pursued and really takes the reins this season.

Fans are divided and sharing their opinions on social media, including on The Hallmark Channel’s official Facebook page.

One fan wrote: “It’s a tough call…sometimes I am #TeamNathan sometimes I am #TeamLucas. I love them both! It depends on who makes the effort!”

Another fan wrote: “I think both Nathan and Lucus are equally as attractive, but I think the character of Nathan comes across more settled and fatherly. I cannot envision the ‘School Marm’ married to a saloon owner.”

Another fan wrote, “Team Lucas because he’s just so gorgeous….. (well, they both are….but) ….. I do have to say, though….”

Some fans still miss Jack though. One fan wrote, “Neither are right for her. Her true love was Jack.”

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