Hallmark Actress Reveals Secret Pregnancy

Baby bump

Heavy/Getty A mom-to-be places her hands on her baby bump

Nearly a year after suffering a devastating miscarriage, actress Ginna Claire Mason just revealed she’s expecting her second child this spring. The star of Hallmark Channel‘s “A Holiday Spectacular,” which premiered in November, managed to keep her baby news secret for most of her pregnancy, including at the movie’s New York premiere.

In a podcast interview last fall, Mason shared that the 2022 movie was a bright spot for her during a painful year of loss, including her miscarriage and the deaths of several family members.

But things are looking up for the versatile actress, who’s well-known for her multi-year run as Glinda in Broadway’s smash hit “Wicked.” Married to pilot Elon Moffett since 2013, the couple has a son, William Cooper, who will turn two in April, the same month Mason is due with her second child.

Hallmark Friends Celebrate Ginna Claire Mason’s Instagram Announcement

After keeping her baby news private for most of her pregnancy, Mason posted a series of photos on March 6 of herself by the ocean, cradling her baby bump.

She captioned the post, “Coming soon! The Moffett family is growing, and our new little addition will be here next month. (This month? I don’t know. Kids tend to have plans of their own…)”

Mason shared the post in her Instagram Stories and added the words, “Secrets out.”

In the comment section of her post, fans and friends celebrated Mason’s announcement and also expressed surprise over how long she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret. Hallmark Channel’s Instagram account left a note of congratulations with a red heart emoji and Mason also heard from multiple Hallmark colleagues on her post.

Rachel Boston wrote, “So happy for you all!!!!!!!” and added three red heart emojis, while Taylor Cole offered her “Congratulations” with a party-horn emoji.

Nikki DeLoach commented, “I’m so happy for you!!!!! Congrats, my love!”

Andrew Walker’s wife, Cassandra Troy Walker, wrote, “Beautiful! Sending love your way Mama” with a white heart emoji and Laura Osnes commented, “Glowing!”

Hallmark’s event exec Shaina Rae Julian, who plans lots of fun get-togethers and premieres for the network’s stars, wrote, “OMG GC!!!! I’m so excited! Congratulations!” to which Mason replied, “yay!!! Can’t wait for baby Moffett to meet you!!!”

Ginna Claire Mason Opened Up About Her Miscarriage Before ‘A Holiday Spectacular’ Premiere

Kristin Chenowith and Ginna Claire Mason

GettyKristin Chenoweth and Ginna Claire Mason perform before the New York premiere of “A Holiday Spectacular”

This pregnancy is especially joyful for Mason, and likely the reason she waited so long to divulge the news, because of her miscarriage in 2022. She opened up about that loss — as well as the deaths of several dear family members — to Amanda Jane Cooper, her friend and fellow stage actress, on Cooper’s “A Time to Live” podcast in November 2022.

Mason shared, “This year has been, I’d say, maybe one of the most challenging years of my life, in ways I never expected.”

“When summer hit, things got really hard,” she continued, saying that her family faced several deaths at the beginning of the summer, including the loss of her grandmother.

“And then I had a miscarriage and that was really hard,” Mason shared. “I’d never gone through anything like that before. And since then, I’ve met so many women who have gone through that. And, you know, in your head, it’s one thing to be like ‘oh, it’s so common’ or ‘this is a statistic,’ but then suddenly to be the statistic … to hear the stories of other women, someone else going ‘me, too’ … is the meaning of community, I think.”

Though Mason likely knew she was expecting again at the time of the podcast interview last fall, and at the New York City premiere of “A Holiday Spectacular,” she vulnerably shared on the podcast that she was still working through the “profound loss” of her miscarriage.

During the first months of 2023, while preparing for life with two little ones, Mason has been keeping busy by conducting private lessons for young actors and singers through Double Name Witches, the coaching business she started with her best friend and fellow Broadway star Mary Kate Morrissey.