Meet Princess Cecily: The Kitten Bowl’s Special Needs Fashionista Cat

Princess Cecily

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One of the special needs cats featured in The Hallmark Channel’s 2021 Kitten Bowl is Princess Cecily. She’s a very special kitty who lives at The Cattery in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can learn all about her right here.

Princess Cecily Has Manx Syndrome & Wears Outfits to Hold a Diaper in Place

Samantha Person, the owner of The Cattery, shared details about Princess Cecily with Heavy.

Princess Cecily has Manx Syndrome, which some Manx (no tail) kitties have (but not all) which is a deformity of their spine and causes different ailments. In Cecily’s case, she had deformed back legs and is incontinent. We tried to keep her legs, but they continued to get infections and had to be amputated. She wears a diaper for her incontinence and since she doesn’t have back legs to keep it on, she wears an outfit to hold the diaper in place. She has been wearing clothes since she was a baby, so it’s normal for her and she doesn’t mind.

Now she’s being featured in The Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl VIII.

She’s a True Fashionista with Her Beautiful Outfits

Because Princess Cecily has to wear clothes anyway, they decided to go all out with special fashionista-worthy outfits for her.

Since she has to wear clothing, we made it fun, and some of her outfits are quite glamorous. She has a Royal Seamstress that makes her a new outfit every week and she does photoshoots that we post on social media. She’s on Facebook and IG (@princesscecilycc) and has a Facebook group. She’s a strong lady and can outrun us on her two feet — especially when she’s naked. She even walks on the exercise wheel that’s in the room. We were obviously super excited when the Hallmark Channel contacted us to feature her during the Kitten Bowl!

She was even part of the popular Bernie memes.

No matter what holiday it is, she steals the show.

And now she’s become a bit of a spokesperson (spokescat) for The Cattery.

She was recently interviewed by the local news media.

The Cattery Is a Cage-Free Shelter Where Cats Can Show Their True Personalities

The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas, was started by Samatha Person and her husband Scott in 2007. She told Heavy in a previous interview: “I wanted to start a different kind of shelter — one where cats were not kept in small cages and had the freedom to show their true personalities to potential adopters!”

The Cattery recently moved into a new facility and shared a tour in November on Facebook. You can see Princess Cecily in the video below around 2:20.

According to The Cattery’s webpage, they adopted 812 cats last year and have already adopted out 16 this year. They’ve helped 7,344 cats find their forever homes since the shelter was started.

If you’re interested in adopting a cat from The Cattery, you can learn more about the application process here. You can see The Cattery’s adoptable cats here.

If you can’t adopt but you would love to donate to The Cattery, you can learn about all the options for donating here. A $15 donation buys 100 pounds of litter, while $50 helps pay the electric bill. You can also sign up for monthly giving or provide items on The Cattery’s wish list.

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