Ryan Paevey Wants to Do Stunt That Could ‘Potentially Kill’ Him

Christmas at the Plaza

Crown Media Christmas at the Plaza

Ryan Paevey wants to bring more action to Hallmark films. In a recent interview, he revealed that he would love to do one particular stunt in a Hallmark movie, but it’s so dangerous that most producers are nervous about the idea.

He Wants to Ride a Motorcycle in a Hallmark Movie

In an interview with TV Insider, Paevey was asked if there was anything that he hadn’t done in a Hallmark movie yet, but wanted to do.

He replied: “Ride a motorcycle. I’m a motorcycle fanatic. I have five bikes of my own. I love bikes. I know productions have a tendency to get a little nervous when one of their leads is on something that can potentially kill them.”

Then he shared that he had to actually skip his first opportunity to make a Hallmark film because he was injured in a motorcycle crash.

“My introduction to the Hallmark universe was me bailing on a film because I crashed and almost lost my right hand,” he told TV Insider. “But I’m sure there are characters out there that ride motorcycles. Someone mentioned I was like the Tom Cruise of the Hallmark universe. I would love to be the guy that does stuff. Up for anything. Climbing, surfing, kayaking bikes, whatever. Throw me through a wall. Let’s do some stunts. I’m your guy.”

He Insisted on Surfing in ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’

Paevey and Ashley Williams recently starred in the movie, “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

Paevey said that he insisted on surfing in the movie, so he could surf in real life, What to Watch reported.

He said, “I got to surf. Really early on, I said they had to absolutely let me surf. There are surfing scenes. I said, ‘Do not hire a double. I will do it. I grew up surfing. You cannot bring me out to Hawaii for six weeks and expect me not to get in the water.'”

Paevey told Digital Journal that he was drawn to his character in “Two Tickets to Paradise” because they’re both “activities guys.”

“Josh and I are both go-with-the-flow guys, he is an activities guy, which meant that he got to do some fun things such as kayaking, hiking, and surfing. Josh and I are very similar, so that was an easy space for me to inhabit,” he said.

Paevey also shared that he has an upcoming project with Audible where he does voice work.

“I am very hungry for knowledge right now. I need to learn,” he shared.

Paevey signed a deal with Crown Media Family Networks, the company behind Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, in May, Deadline reported. In an Instagram post, Hallmark revealed that Paevey had signed an “exclusive, multi-picture deal.”

Paevey told Deadline about his new contract: “Being part of Hallmark is like no other experience I’ve ever had. The creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with both at the network and on every set have made this collaboration so special and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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Emma Jo Rust
Emma Jo Rust
4 days ago

To call Ryan A Tom Cruise is an Insult, Tom is good but Ryan is Great!

7 days ago

He is a very confident person, if he says he can do something, He can.
Since we first saw him on General Hospital and now following his career.
He is doing great.
Enjoy watching all his movies, especially Christmas at the Plaza. Yesterday A Summer Romance was showing.
Good luck in the future.

Freddie Romero
Freddie Romero
11 days ago

Loved the movie. Great acting. Loved all the scenes and the cast. Great story line.

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