Ryan Reynolds Shares Surprise Hallmark Announcement


Hallmark fans were surprised to see a message from actor Ryan Reynolds at the top of the official Hallmark Facebook page on Thursday, July 15. Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t mean that he was about to star in a Hallmark movie. But it was still a fun ad that many viewers said they loved watching.

Reynolds Talked About Hallmark Movies While Advertising His New Movie

In an unexpected video that was posted to The Hallmark Channel’s official Facebook page, Reynolds jokingly talked about being addicted to Hallmark movies before sharing a trailer to his new movie, which is not related to Hallmark in any way.

He started the ad with a funny quip about Hallmark movies and wanting to “get back to my stories.”

It’s finally here. Hallmark holiday movie season. I need this! It sure seems like Janie’s having problems adjusting to the slow pace of life in Tinselville after giving up her high-powered PR career, but then again, her skills might come in handy saving Chad’s Christmas tree farm from that big city ornament conglomerate. Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my stories now. It’s like living in a little snow globe. In the meantime, check out this special look at ‘Free Guy,’ in theaters… Wait, do you think that she and Chad? Nooooo. Sometimes a cup of cocoa is just a cup of cocoa.

Ryan’s ad was advertising his new movie “Free Guy,” which premieres August 13. This is a scifi comedy about an open-world video game that Reynolds’ character becomes aware that he’s living inside. He then goes on a quest to stop the developers from shutting down the game. The movie was supposed to premiere in July 2020, but was delayed three times due to the pandemic.

Some Fans Hoped Reynolds Was Going to Star in a Hallmark Movie

Some fans had hoped this would mean Reynolds was starring in a Hallmark movie. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. But Hallmark fans still enjoyed the ad. One fan commented, “Ryan Reynolds in a Hallmark film?” and another quickly replied and said no, he wasn’t.

One person replied: “Lmaooo. I love Ryan Reynolds. Looks like an awesome movie too.”

Another person simply wrote, “Love him!”

Another commented: “LOL!! Ryan Reynolds is a perfect addition to the Hallmark Channel!!!!!!!”

Another fan suggested Hallmark use him for every commercial from now on, writing: “Ryan Reynolds is hilarious please please please use him for every commercial! 🤣

One person was impressed that Hallmark even got Ryan in some form or fashion. They wrote: “Well, here’s props to Hallmark for getting Ryan Reynolds……at least for a few minutes!!!!”

On Twitter one person wrote: “Ryan Reynolds… in a Christmas in July ad… for Hallmark Channel I just about passed out.”

Another person was impressed that Hallmark was fine poking a little fun at themselves. They wrote on Facebook: “I love how this makes fun of the nonsense movies you put out and yet you still post it.”

The Hallmark Channel is currently celebrating its annual Christmas in July holiday, airing encores of many favorite movies throughout the month.

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