See the First Newspaper Rosemary Published on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Twitter & Crown Media Rosemary published her first newspaper.

In the season finale of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” Rosemary published her very first newspaper edition and it caused a big stir in Hope Valley. The producers of the series have shared the full edition of Rosemary’s paper, in case you want to read it yourself.

This article has spoilers for the season finale and previous episodes of “When Calls the Heart.” 

See Rosemary’s Paper Here

Peter DeLuise, director, shared images of the newspaper Rosemary published for season 8 episode 12 of “When Calls the Heart” on Twitter. You can see his tweet above, along with larger versions of each newspaper page that he shared below.

The newspaper is called The Valley Voice. You can see Rosemary Coulter’s main article below, which was headlined: “County Board of Education Threatens School Closing.”

The article talks about how the future of the Jack Thornton School remains uncertain. There’s a quote from School Inspector Augustus Landis saying he’s seen firsthand how one student who can’t keep pace with the others can hold someone back. Rosemary writes, “Most immediately, the questions seem less about Mrs. Thornton’s certification and, rather, about young Angela’s hindering the other students.”

There’s a quote from Elizabeth, saying that everyone is ready to give a hand, including herself, Angela’s mom, and the other students. But Landis argues in the same story that other children shouldn’t be expected to help. The article also mentions the looming possibility of the school becoming part of the county if it grows large enough in the next two years.

Twitter/Peter DeLuise

The newspaper also has a short article by Rosemary on the front page titled “Local Land, Business Purchases.” The article talks about Wyman Walden arriving in town and approaching business owners about buying their businesses, including a quote from Fiona Miller.

There’s also an anonymous quote that appears to be from Lucas’s chef. The quote reads: “Oui. I have it on good authority that he asked even local food establishments about possible sale.”

On the back page, you can see ads for Dottie’s Fine Apparel and for Coulter Lumber. There’s also a congratulatory post for Florence and Ned’s wedding, along with an article about a merchant meeting being interrupted by a mountie. This article talks about Walden’s meeting at the saloon that ended early when Nathan asked to speak with Walden. It also includes a quote from Fiona telling everyone about how she felt that Walden was trying to intimidate her. There’s also a quote from Clara saying that she belives Walden is up to no good and other town members need to be careful.

Twitter/Peter DeLuise

Rosemary’s calling has been a big storyline this season. She had realized that she just really wasn’t loving working at the dress shop anymore, so she’s been actively seeking her new purpose in life. She eventually realized that she loves town gossip and breaking news, so re-starting the town’s newspaper would be the perfect fit for her. She started the newspaper as a passion project, just working out of Lee’s office by herself. But after printing the first edition, she realized that she’s going to need a whole staff and a proper printing machine in order to do the job right.

Her first edition caused quite a stir in Hope Valley. She reported on the county’s attempt to shut down the schoolhouse if Angela attended, due to concerns of her blindness holding back the rest of the class. But after reading her article and realizing Angela was being treated unfairly, the town gathered together and walked to school with her. All the parents and children showed their support. Now the school gets to stay open (at least for the time being) and Angela gets to attend.

DeLuise Previously Shared Details About Lucas’s Office

DeLuise had previously shared an inside look at Lucas’s office and what went into creating it.

He wrote: “Lucas’ Office was built in the Saloon, making use of two already existing walls.”

Pascale Hutton added: “Fun fact: that space was also transformed (multiple times) for various train stations!!!”

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