Where Was ‘Ships in the Night: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery’ Filmed?

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A new installment of A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery is premiering on January 17 at 8 p.m. Eastern called Ships in the Night. The movie stars Jesse Metcalfe and Sarah Lind. But where was the Hallmark mystery movie filmed? Read on to learn all about filming locations and the cast.

‘Ships in the Night’ Was Filmed in Canada

Metcalfe began filming the new mystery movie in August with co-star Sarah Lind, Variety reported. Despite the name, the movie isn’t filmed in Martha’s Vineyard. Filming took place in British Columbia, Canada, on Vancouver Island. He also had to quarantine for 14 days before filming.

“Amazingly, it (Vancouver Island) looks a lot like Martha’s Vineyard, minus the mountains,” Metcalfe told PIX 11 in an interview. “It’s incredible.”

Metcalfe announced the movie in October.

Shooting in the pandemic wasn’t easy, but everyone took precautions to get the job done.

Plus, they sometimes had fun on set.

The Movie Was Delayed Because of the Pandemic

The movie was originally supposed to start filming in March, but was delayed until August because of the pandemic. Metcalfe told Variety that they had to wait on SAG and CDC guidelines before they could start filming. He had to quarantine in Victoria, Canada, for 14 days and get a second test before he could begin filming. The cast and crew then quarantined together for their entire filming — with no one allowed to leave the island — in order to help cut down on the chances of someone getting the virus and spreading it to others.

Metcalfe said they had to wear masks whenever they weren’t filming and follow other strict guidelines. However, he said the risks were low because west Canada had a low number of cases at that time.

Meet the Cast

The synopsis for the movie reads: “When an art gallery robbery leads to the death of the contemptible gallery manager, former Boston detective Jeff Jackson teams up with local Doctor – and old flame – Dr. Zee Madeiras, to catch the killer.”

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Jesse Metcalfe plays Jeff. He was recently in a movie with Bruce Willis called Hard Kill. He was also on Dancing with the Stars, although he didn’t win. Metcalfe is well known among Hallmark fans for his leading role on Chesapeake Shores, where he plays Trace Riley. His other credits include Christmas Under the Stars, Escape Plan 2, God’s Not Dead 2, Destined, Christmas Next Door, A Country Wedding, Dallas (Christopher Ewing), Chase (Luke Watson), Desperate Housewives (John Rowland), Passions (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald), Dancing with the Stars, Smallville, and more.

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Sarah Lind plays Zee. Her credits include True Justice (Sarah Montgomery for 25 episodes), Arctic Air, The Humanity Bureau, Taken (TV series), Cold Blood, Mythos, Smallville, Edgemont (Jennifer McMahon for 70 episodes), Human Cargo, Mentors, Punch, and more.

Crown MediaEric Keenleyside

Eric Keenleyside is Chief Madieras. His credits include Loudermilk (Father Michael), Ash, Mystery 101, iZombie, Unspeakable (Dr. Martin Davey), Winter’s Dream, Overboard, Entanglement, A Christmas to Remember, Dirk Gently’s, Once Upon a Time (Moe French), Fargo (Bud), Strange Empire (Abe), Cedar Cove, The Killing, Alcatraz, True Justic, Hellcats (Bob), Traveler (Robert), Whistler, Walking Tall, Just Deal (Mike), Atomic Train, The Outer Limits, Madison (Stanislav), Hawkeye, Chasing Rainbows, Short Circuit 2, and more.

Crown MediaJohn Murphy

John Murphy is Derek. His credits include Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Asmodeus), Cats & Dogs 3, Away (Ryan Masters), Ruby Herring Mysteries, Valley of the Boom (Jim), Somewhere Between, Arrow, Aftermath, Continuum, Death Note (voices), Cold Squad, and more.

Crown MediaNelson Wong

Nelson Wong is Andy. His credits include Picture Perfect Mysteries, Trigger Me, Love in the Forecast, Blueprint to the Heart, Riverdale (Dr. Phylum), Christmas at the Plaza, Over the Moon in Love, Van Helsing, Wedding March, The Good Doctor, Killer Twin, iZombie, A Firehouse Christmas, Finding Father Christmas, On the Farm, Stop the Wedding, Lucifer, Wedding Planner Mystery, The Music Teacher, Fringe, and more.

The cast includes:

  • Chelsea Hobbs (Jackie Shawl)
  • Sunita Prasad (Britt Prajna)
  • Bradley Stryker (Barista Bob)
  • Camille Mitchell (Lila)
  • Benjamin Wilkinson (Adam)
  • Kehli O’Byrne (Bernie)
  • Austin Anozie (Officer Davis)
  • Jason McKinnon (Don)
  • Fred Keating (Eli)
  • Alison Araya (Suzanne)
  • Garfield Wilson (Carl)

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries has two previous movies in the series. The most recent movie, which aired on February 23, 2020, was called Riddled with Deceit. The first movie in the series was A Beautiful Place to Die, which aired in January 2020. So it’s been a long wait between those movies and the third installment.

The movies are based on the book series by Philip R. Craig, who died in 2007.

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