Where Was ‘Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

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The Hallmark Channel’s movie, “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday,” premieres on Sunday, December 5, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Encores will then air throughout the season. The movie stars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Mark Deklin, Kevin Nealon, Keith Robinson, Ashley Williams, and Anna Holbrook. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and the cast involved.

‘Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday’ Was Filmed in Utah

“Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday” was filmed in Utah, with some scenes shot in the Vancouver, Canada, region. The movie was filmed under the working title “Christmas at the Madison.”

In March, Fox 13 reported that the two movies would be filmed back-to-back in Utah in April. The cast talks about filming in Utah in this Hallmark interview too. Williams-Paisley said she loved shooting the movies back-to-back in Utah.

IMDb reported that some scenes were also filmed in Vancouver, in addition to Salt Lake City, Utah. The movies were filmed from April 12-May 22 and from June 5-July 5.

Williams-Paisley, 49, and Williams, 42, told People this was the first time they worked together. Kimberly said the movie was Ashley’s idea and they pitched it to Hallmark about five years ago. In total, it was a six-week shoot.

The sisters often do live chats together on Instagram.

Kimberly is married to Brad Paisley and Ashley is married to Neal Dodson.

Ashley Williams wrote on Instagram about starring with Anna Holbrook in the movie: ” was five years old when I first met Anna Holbrook. She was a soap opera star on #anotherworld, “a real live actress,” my mom said. Her husband was a captain for a @delta so he was always traveling at the holidays and she would come sleep over. Every Christmas morning we had Anna in our house. She was my mother‘s best friend for 35 years until my mother died of Alzheimer’s disease five years ago. When we were casting the actress to play the part of our mom in the #sisterswap movies, @hallmarkchannel agreed with us. There was no better actress or more meaningful human to play our mother.”

Ashley said she played a big role in every aspect of the movie, all through the development process, the first day of prep, and the entire post process “which lasted months.”

In another Instagram post, she said that Randy Pope and Heather Overton fought “alongside us to get these movies done right.”

Back in 2018, International Business Times reported that the sisters were working on the two movies. Williams-Paisley told IBT that the movies had a “really interesting concept” where each sister plays the lead in one of the two movies, and the other is the supporting actor. At the time they were considering calling the movies: “Lights, Camera, Christmas.”

Deklin said he loved working on the movie.

Beth Anne also shared a photo during filming.

Cami Carver shared that it was really hot outside sometimes while they were filming in Utah during the summer.

Meet the Cast

Sister Swap

Crown MediaSister Swap

The synopsis reads:

Jennifer and Meg Swift are sisters who couldn’t be closer despite living hours apart. Jennifer is in Salt Lake City, running a successful restaurant she started with her late husband and raising her teenaged son Simon. Meg stayed in their hometown of Hazelwood, helping their parents run the local bakery. This Christmas is the family’s first since the passing of Uncle Dave who owned the town’s beloved theater, The Madison, where many memories were made over the years. When Jennifer and Simon return home for the holiday, they become wistful for one more Christmas at The Madison, despite that it’s for sale and in need of repairs. Meanwhile, Meg is helping Jennifer’s restaurant staff in Salt Lake prepare for a Christmas competition among local restaurants with the winner earning money for the charity of its choice. With the sisters switching cities leading up to the holiday, they find a new sense of purpose and discover what they both truly need in life and in love.

Sister Swap

Crown MediaSister Swap

Kimberly Williams-Paisley is Jennifer. She’s married to country singer Brad Paisley. She’s well known for her leading role in the “Father of the Bride” series. Her many other credits include “The Christmas Chronicles” parts one and two on Netflix, “Darrow & Darrow” (Claire Darrow in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series), “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings,” “Two and a Half Men” (Gretchen), “Nashville” (Peggy), “According to Jim” (Dana), “The 10th Kingdom,” “Relativity” (Isabel), and more. She’s currently filming “Dog Gone” with Rob Lowe.

Ashley Williams is Meg. Williams’ many credits include the “Christmas in Evergreen” series and numerous Hallmark movies, including “Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater” from 2020, “Northern Lights of Christmas,” and more. Her other appearances include “The Jim Gaffigan Show” (Jeannie Gaffigan), “A Most Violent Year,” “CSI,” “Royal Pains,” “Warehouse 13” (Sally), “Saving Grace” (Amanda), “Novel Adventures” (Lizzie), “Side Order of Life” (Becca), “E-Ring,” “Good Morning, Miami” (Dylan), “As the World Turns” (Dani), and more. She recently directed the Lifetime movie “Circle of Deception.”

Sister Swap

Crown MediaSister Swap

Mark Deklin is Eric. His credits include “Blue Bloods,” “The Good Fight,” “Christmas in Evergreen” series (Kevin Miller), “The Blacklist,” “Love and Sunshine,” “Younger,” “Grace and Frankie” (Roy), “Major Crimes” (Dr. William Landon), “Designated Survivor” (Jack Bowman), “Switched for Christmas,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” “Halo Wars 2,” “Devious Maids” (Nicholas), “GCB” (Blake), “Lone Star” (Trammell), “The Ex-List” (Elliott), “Justice” (Dr. Matthew Shaw), and more.

Sister Swap

Crown MediaSister Swap

Kevin Nealon is Uncle Dave. He’s well known for his work on “Saturday Night Live.” His other credits include “Crank Yankers,” “Room 104,” “Man with a Plan” (Don Burns), “Family Guy,” “The Zeta Family,” “Dumb Prince,” “Ghost Squad,” “Blended,” “Small Time,” “Weeds” (Doug), “Glenn Martin DDS” (Glenn), “Til Death” (Stephen), “Good Morning Agrestic” (Doug), “Still Standing” (Ted), “Anger Management,” “Joe Dirt,” “Heartbreakers,” “Hiller and Diller” (Ted Hiller), “Champs” (Marty), “The Edge,” and more.

His wife, Susan Yeagley, is also starring in the movie.

Crown Media

Keith Robinson is Joe. He’s perhaps best known for his role as C.C. White in “Dreamgirls.” His other credits include the upcoming series “Christmas at the Madison” on Hallmark, “Saints & Sinners” (Miles), “Bump,” “A Christmas Love Story,” “Somebody’s in My House,” “GangLand,” “All Eyez on Me,” “Our Dream Christmas,” “One Love,” “Four Seasons,” “Love That Girl!,” “Castle,” “Dogs of Chinatown,” “Dark Blue,” “Canterbury’s Law” (Chester), “Half & Half” (Neil), “This Christmas,” “Over There” (Avery), “All Saints,” “American Dreams” (Nathan), “Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue” (Joel Rawlings), and more. He recently starred in Hallmark’s “Redemption in Cherry Springs” mystery movie.

Robinson’s song, “Happy” was featured in the season 4 premiere of “Saints & Sinners.”

Sister Swap

Crown MediaSister Swap

Anna Holbrook is Debbie. Her credits include “Harlem,” “The Blacklist,” “Assisted Living,” “Hunters,” “Blue Bloods,” “One Life to Live” (Dr. Hannah Young), “Law & Order: SVU,” “Another World” (Sharlene Frame), “Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince” (Darah), and more.

Also starring are:

  • Susan Yeagley (Barbara
  • Jacob Buster (Simon)
  • Jim Byrnes (Luke)
  • Lila Clark (Madzie)
  • Valerie Sanders (Roberta Valderrama)
  • Logan Donovan (Alex Camp )
  • Anna Daines (Kate)
  • Landry Townsend (Connie)
  • Joseph Campbell (Brett)
  • Briana Price (Victoria)
  • Tito Livas (Martin)
  • Jay Hunter (Steve Crosby)
  • David King (Frank)
  • Cami Carver (Lydia)
  • Anne Sward (Mary Heller)
  • Virginia Farabee (Young Meg)
  • Elyse A. Wilkins (Young Jennifer)
  • Thomas Cummins (Tiny Simon)
  • Matt Koenig (Charlie)

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