‘The Way Home’ Star Gives Warning About Last 2 Episodes

"The Way Home"

Hallmark "The Way Home"

Hallmark’s new series, “The Way Home,” is quickly hurtling to completion. There are only two episodes left, with the finale airing on Sunday, March 26. One star of the series has given fans a warning about what to expect.

This article will have spoilers for the most recent episode of “The Way Home,” along with a trailer and preview photos for episode 9. 

Chyler Leigh Told Viewers to Prepare Themselves

Chyler Leigh, who stars as Kat Landry, told fans on Twitter that they should be preparing themselves for episodes 9 and 10.

She wrote: “Episodes 9&10 are doozies, friends. I mean… seriously. Prepare thy-selves!! Thank goodness we have a 2nd season 🙈 #TheWayHome @hallmarkchannel @TheWayHomeHC.”

“The Way Home” was renewed for a second season even before finishing season 1. It’s been a ratings hit, Deadline reported, and often beats out the competition on Sunday nights like “Home Town” on HGTV, “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way” on TLC, and “Real Housewives of Potomac” on Bravo. Viewership has increased overall as the season has progressed.

Jefferson Brown (Colton) also tweeted about the series, writing: “To all y’all who have been on this ride since the beginning I want to say thank you. This role, these stories, this cast has been so great. Hearts and souls went in to bringing these stories to life and no life is worth living if it doesn’t test your strength and resilience. Love.”

Sadie Laflamme-Snow (Alice) tweeted about some moments during filming season 8, including how she had trouble keeping a straight face when they filmed the big Nick reveal.

Hallmark Has Shared a Trailer & Preview Photos for Episode 9

Hallmark has shared an intriguing trailer for episode 9, along with preview photos. The trailer is below.

In the trailer, we see Kat showing up in the past and her dad, Colton Landry, answering the door. We see Alice struggling with her experiences traveling back to the past.

Meanwhile, Kat doesn’t believe that the past is unchangeable. She couldn’t save Jacob, but she’s determined to save her dad, despite Elliot’s warnings. (This storyline is particularly compelling, because time travel shows often make the mistake of showing characters not truly changing the past in an attempt to stop something from happening, but just making the same mistakes over and over. In “The Way Home,” we get to see what would happen if real changes were attempted.)

The trailer also shows Colton driving his truck and about to get into a wreck, presumably the one that killed him.

Hallmark also released some photos for episode 9, but they don’t reveal as much as the trailer did. You can view them below.

"The Way Home" Episode 9

Hallmark“The Way Home” Episode 9

It appears that Alice and Kat visit Elliot at his home.

"The Way Home" Episode 9

Hallmark“The Way Home” Episode 9

Most of the released photos show Kat and Elliot enjoying their new relationship together.

"The Way Home" Episode 9

Hallmark“The Way Home” Episode 9

"The Way Home"

Hallmark“The Way Home” Episode 9

But we also get to see the more dramatic photo above, showing Kat appearing to use the pond again, which the trailer revealed would happen.

Hallmark also released an official description for the new episode, which is titled “The Day the Music Died.”

This synopsis reads: “In “The Day the Music Died,” more facts about the past are unearthed as Del, Kat and Alice inch closer toward healing in the next all-new episode… After learning that Colton wasn’t having an affair, Kat is determined to unearth the truth about his accident and dispel the rumors that it was on purpose. When Kat shares with Del that he wasn’t unfaithful to her, Del’s memories are painted in a new light. Despite their best efforts, Elliot and Alice aren’t able to dissuade Kat from returning to 2000 to try and change the course of events.”

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