‘The Wedding Veil’ Breaks Hallmark Viewing Record

The Wedding Veil

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Hallmark’s newest movie, “The Wedding Veil,” is already breaking viewing records set by the top Hallmark movies from 2021. “The Wedding Veil” premiered on January 8, 2022.

‘The Wedding Veil’ Had More Than 3.3 Million Live Viewers

The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPawusing statistics from ShowBuzzDaily, has been compiling the live ratings for Hallmark’s Christmas movies as compared to its regular movies all through 2021. These viewing numbers revealed that “The Wedding Veil” outperformed all the Hallmark movies of 2021, including the Christmas movies, in terms of live viewers.

According to ShowBuzzDaily’s numbers, “The Wedding Veil” clocked in with 3.394 million live viewers, and hit .29 in the 18-49 demographic (and .39 specifically for women in the 18-49 demographic.)

These live numbers are higher than the top 10 Hallmark movies of 2021.

“The Wedding Veil” beat “Christmas at Castle Heart” with 3.394 million to the Christmas movie’s 3.31 million live viewers. This also means that “The Wedding Veil” did better than any non-Christmas movie that Hallmark aired in all of 2021.

The demo numbers still didn’t match Hallmark’s top movies. “The Christmas Contest” had the best demo numbers of 2021 at .38 compared to .29 for “The Wedding Veil.”

“The Wedding Veil” also beat out the rest of the original non-sports telecasts in terms of live viewers on Saturday night. The movie placed tenth out of all the original telecasts in terms of ranking, only being beaten by sports shows.

In 2021, “Christmas at Castle Hart” had the most views of the year, followed by “My Christmas Family Tree,” and “A Royal Queens Christmas.” The only non-Christmas movie of 2021 to make it in Hallmark’s Top 10 (in terms of live viewers) was “Taking a Shot at Love” with 2.99 million viewers. The large viewership that “The Wedding Veil” gained so early in January is setting a high bar for the rest of the movies this year.

Hallmark’s ‘North to Home’ Had More than 1 Million Live Viewers

On Sunday night, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ new movie “North to Home” had slightly more than 1 million live viewers, according to ShowBuzzDaily, and placed 55th out of all the original telecasts on that night, reaching only .07 in the 18-49 demographic.

However, “North to Home” faced a lot of competition on Sunday night. The top telecasts, outside of sports, that day were “90  Day Fiance” with 2.17 million viewers, “Sister Wives” with 1.8 million, “Real Housewives” with 780,000 (which had a higher demographic but the Hallmark movie beat in terms of overall live viewers), “Fox & Friends Sunday” (which clocked in with 1.6 million live viewers), “Sunday Morning Futures” (which got 1.8 million live viewers), and more.

GAC Family’s “Winter Palace,” which aired on Saturday night, did not make it into the Top 150 TV shows that day.

The next two movies in “The Wedding Veil” series will air in February. “The Wedding Veil Unveiled” airs on Saturday, February 12. The synopsis reads: “In the second installment of the trilogy, Emma travels to Italy to teach and research a wedding veil said to bring its owner love. While there, she meets Paolo, the son of a local lace-making family.”

Then “The Wedding Veil Legacy” airs on February 19. The synopsis reads: “In the third installment of the trilogy, Tracy meets Nick who helps her save an original draft of The New Colossus and in return she agrees to help him with his restaurant. As they grow closer, Tracy gets cold feet.”

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