Trevor Donovan on If He’d Like to Star on ‘When Calls the Heart’ or ‘When Hope Calls’

Trevor Donovan

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During an exclusive interview with Heavy, Trevor Donovan spoke about his future projects in 2022, along with whether or not he might be interested in starring on “When Calls the Heart” or “When Hope Calls” one day in the future.

Donovan Said He’d Be Open to Starring on Either Show

During an exclusive interview with Donovan in December, Heavy asked where he would ever be interested in having a guest role on “When Hope Calls” or “When Calls the Heart.” Donovan quickly replied that he’d be open to either opportunity.

“Yeah, it might very well be happening,” he said. “I worked with Brian Bird on two movies this last year and the Engagement Plot.”

Bird is an executive producer and creator for both series.

“I worked very closely with him and we’ve become pretty good friends, so that’s a definite possibility… Yeah, absolutely.”

Donovan Has Several Projects Premiering This Year

Donovan and Rachel Boston filmed a new movie called “The Engagement Plot” with Bird at the helm in late 2021. Boston was filming while pregnant.

Krista Phillips, the author of the book upon which the movie is based, posted on Facebook that was going to visit the set. In reply to one person’s congratulations, Phillips acknowledged that a lot was changed, but it’s a great script.

She wrote: “They had to change a LOT. Like, a lot a lot. But they let me read it and make a few suggestions, and the scriptwriter did a great job making the necessary overhauls.”

Bird shared on March 11 that they did the final sound mix on the movie.

Boston shared on March 11 that the movie is coming soon.

Donovan also shared that the movie is coming soon.

He’s been posting a lot of jokes and funny photos from behind-the-scenes moments.

Another movie he filmed with Bird, “Aloha with Love,” is finally premiering in 2022.

The movie is premiering on May 1 on UPtv and it was filmed in Maui.

Bird made the official announcement in late February.

Donovan is also starring in the movie “Reagan” opposite Dennis Quaid, which is releasing sometime in 2022. The movie is a historical drama based on a book by Paul Kengor called “The Crusader.”

Donovan filmed his part at Reagan’s ranch outside of Santa Barbara, California, where he portrayed the role of one of Reagan’s Secret Service agents, John Barletta. Barletta was Reagan’s equestrian detail, so he shot quite a few scenes riding horses with Dennis Quaid.

He told Heavy that one scene in particular really moved him.

“I got a real emotional scene with him [Quaid] where I have to tell him we can’t ride horses anymore because of his mental deterioration,” Donovan shared. “It was a real emotional moment where I had to tell Ronald Reagan that we can’t do the one thing he loves to do anymore. … Which is all part of a true story about how it happened.”

He said he was filming for several weeks for his role, and he also shot at the Reagan Library and in the “actual Air Force One that Reagan rode on.”

Donovan is also teaming up with Bird to create a series of films that will follow in the “after school special” tradition, focusing on issues that teens and young adults face, Variety reported.

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