Tyler Hynes Delights Fans With Surprise Gift: ‘I Am Listening’

"Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas"

Hallmark "Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas"

Tyler Hynes announced on social media that he’s sending a special surprise gift to some of his fans, and he’s looking forward to seeing how they react. Hallmark fans were delighted by the news, with one person replying, “You’re a good man Tyler.”

The Gifts Are Being Sent to Random Golden Ticket Recipients

In an Instagram post, Hynes explained that the gifts are being sent to some people who received golden tickets when they ordered a boot shot box from him.

He wrote, in part: “If you got a golden 🎫 in your Boot Shot Box then another package may be coming your way soon. A few Golden ticket🎫 owners have been picked at random and the delivery man 🐺 has suited up once more.”

The delivery man he referred to was his dog, dressed up in an adorable UPS costume.

Hynes went on to explain that the gifts are items that he wore for different characters in some of his movies. In the video that accompanied his post, he showed a sweater being packed as an example.

He wrote: “I hope the clothes of my characters from some of your favourite movies will keep you as warm as they did me. Hand packed and signed by The Boy 🐺 and I for those who have join this beautiful family & tradition🤍.”

He wrote in a follow-up comment: “Look forward to folks figuring out what piece of clothing belongs to which character and movie 😊 what fun 🤍.”

Fans flooded his post with comments sharing how excited they were about this surprise.

Kkyyylllaa wrote: “coolest celebrity ever!!!”

Run_kat_run wrote: “if any winners need help figuring it out. Reach out me!!!!! 😂🙌”

One fan asked for an autographed picture and he replied, “if enough people really just want a pic, perhaps I can figure out how to make that available 😊.” His comment received numerous requests for the same.

Planpositives replied to the thread, writing: “Whatever you did to become this incredible man… bottle it, teach it. Share it. It’s needed out there right now. You are so kind to everyone 💗💗.”

He Might Make More Boot Shots for This Coming Holiday Season

The boot shot boxes that Hynes previously sold are now sold out. He mentioned in his Instagram post that he wasn’t sure yet if he would be making more.

He wrote: “I know some have asked since they sold out so quickly if there will be more. Or if I’ll create more items that folks may wish to have…the answer is, We shall see, but one thing’s for certain. I am listening :) and I can’t think of a more beautiful thing than all this :).”

But when a fan asked later about the boot shots, his reply was even more hopeful about making them again.

Hynes wrote, “my goal was to fulfill the wishes of the folks who wanted it. If there’s many more folks sharing that they wish to get them then I’ll have to see about making that happen again 😊.”

Hynes has said that the boot shot tradition involves making a toast with a tiny boot-shaped shot glass to the year that’s just passed, Just Jared reported.

Hynes said: “I sort of began with my family and friends where we take a tiny little shot out of a tiny little boot-shaped shot glass. It looks like a boot, a Santa boot…”

He added that his friends and family “all take a photo of ourselves taking a shot out of it at Christmas, and we hang it on our tree as an ornament.”

Now he does a live stream every year with fans where they all take a shot together. This past year, he sold some boot shots that he made himself.

Hynes wrote on his website: “I started this tradition as a way to stay connected to the important people in my life and to tell them ‘thank you, I love you and I’m thinking of you’ during this most cherished of holidays.”

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