Tyler Hynes Joins Fans in Petition for Paul Campbell TV Series

Tyler Hynes & Paul Campbell in Three Wise Men & a Baby.

Hallmark Tyler Hynes & Paul Campbell in Three Wise Men & a Baby.

After the debut of “The Cases of Mystery Lane,” starring Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia, many Hallmark fans began requesting the movie be made into a series that runs regularly on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. After a loyal fan made a petition in response to the rave reviews, Tyler Hynes shared it. Here’s what you need to know about the petition and what went on behind the scenes.

This article has very minor spoilers for the film. 

Tyler Hynes Promoted the Petition After It Was Created by Fan Caroline Richardson

Caroline Richardson, a longtime Hallmark fan, created the petition after seeing that Campbell and Hynes had both mentioned wanting one.

You can sign the petition here. It’s already at over 900 signatures as of the time of this article’s publication.

She told Heavy about the inspiration for her petition: “I saw Tyler and Paul saying they wanted a petition. I love both guys!”

She then shared more about what compelled her to make the petition.

“I loved the movie! It was different than the other mystery movies!” she shared. “I became a fan in 2013.. actually after Paul’s Christmas movie ‘Window Wonderland.'”

Before she made the petition, Hynes tweeted: “Where do I sign the @ThePaulCampbell mystery series petition?”

To which Richardson quickly replied, “Made one 😂.”

Richardson wrote on the petition: “Who else needs more Paul Campbell and Aimee Garcia as Alden and Birdie Case?! Help me let Hallmark Movies and Mysteries know we want more ‘The Cases of Mystery Lane.'”

Hynes himself then tweeted the petition to all his followers and wrote, “More Paul? Where do I sign…signed 😊 thank you Caroline for all that you do in this community 🤍🙏🏻”

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He also shared the petition on his Instagram Reel, writing “More Paul please and thank you 🙏😊.”

Paul Campbell Petition

InstagramTyler Hynes’ post on Instagram Reels

“The Cases of Mystery Lane” was a delightful Hallmark mystery that got positive reviews from fans online. It stars Campbell as Alden Case and Aimee Garcie as Birdie Case. They play a married couple who have hit some rough times. Birdie is a lawyer at her mother’s firm. And while her mom is supportive of Birdie off-the-clock, she treats her a bit harshly when they’re in the office, despite Birdie being a talented attorney. As for Alden, he’s a quirky, funny guy who just hasn’t quite found his place in the world yet, but thinks it might be in private investigation. Campbell does a great job of portraying all the different facets of Alden, who has lighthearted comedic moments even while hunting down a murder mystery. Campbell and Garcia have great chemistry and rapport on screen, so it’s not surprise that fans want to see more of them.

Paul Campbell Was Impressed by the Results & Said ‘I’ll Take It From Here’

It didn’t take long for the petition to climb to more than 600 signatures. When it hit 500, Campbell tweeted: “We did it! YOU did it! Huge thank you to everyone who signed! I have no idea if it worked! But it means a lot!”

When a fan mentioned that they need to bug Hallmark now, Campbell replied: “I’ll take it from here. I’m good at this part.”

In an interview with TV Insider, Campbell said that if he could make more films in this franchise, he already has an idea of where he’d like to go.

“I think the fun is that now hopefully they’ll be working together,” he said. ” My favorite bit in this movie was the disguises, and I know that there were a couple other disguises and characters that I put on that were in the script that I don’t think made it into the final movie. They just didn’t have time… That was the most fun that I had, and also having the couple dynamic in any of those scenes when we were investigating… So with Birdie on the case with me, I’ll have someone to bounce silliness off and I think it’ll create a really, really fun dynamic right from the beginning.”

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