Where Was ‘Undercover Holiday’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

Undercover Holiday

Hallmark Undercover Holiday

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “Undercover Holiday,” premieres on Sunday, December 4, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Noemi Gonzales and Stephen Huszar. Read on to learn all the details about where it was filmed and cast stories.

‘Undercover Holiday’ Was Filmed in Brantford, Ontario, Canada


“Undercover Holiday” was filmed in Brantford, Ontario. According to local news site Kitchener with CTV News, at least part of the movie was filmed in Brantford from October 12-14.

Exterior scenes were filmed on Dalhousie Street and George Street.

Bratford’s website also confirmed filming would occur and gave a few more details about it. They started the film notice by writing: “The City of Brantford Economic Development and Tourism Department is pleased to welcome the cast and crew of Undercover Holiday. They will be filming exterior scenes along Dalhousie St. (George St. to Market St.) and George Street (Darling St. to Dalhousie St.).”

The website listed all of the anticipated impacts the movie could create, like noises late at night and high lighting in the area.

Noemi Gonzales was excited to announce the movie as soon as she was able to.

She wrote on Instagram: “Really excited to announce this! Be on the lookout for this wonderful story this holiday season!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make me a part of this incredible opportunity 🙏🏽🤩✨”

She also let her fans know when she stepped into Toronto, which is about two hours from Brantford.

“We made it to Toronto fam 🍁 🇨🇦 🙏🏽” she wrote.

Meet the Cast


Hallmark’s synopsis reads (with spoilers below):

Pop star Jaylen Rodriguez (González) has recently catapulted to stardom and is about to headline her first tour, but before she does, she’s going back home for a REAL, traditional Rodriguez family Christmas. However, when she starts receiving concerning fan mail from a “secret admirer,” her team insists that she hire round-the-clock security for her trip home. Security guards and overzealous fans are everything her family was concerned about when she set off to make it in the music business, but this is her new reality, so she relents. However, not wanting to worry her fun, tight-knit family, specifically her beloved abuela (Gabriella Reynoso, “Blockbuster”), she pretends her security guard Matt (Huszar), a former Navy SEAL, is her boyfriend. The family is delighted that Jaylen is dating and welcomes him with open arms. Meanwhile, Jaylen finds Matt’s presence invasive. As they do their best to maintain the charade, they continually butt heads. She wants to relive the hometown Christmases of her youth and he struggles to protect her in potentially vulnerable situations. As the holiday progresses, Jaylen and Matt begin to soften to each other and bond over their shared secret, as he embraces her large, Hispanic family’s wonderful Christmas traditions. Matt’s protection takes on a whole new meaning and the line between bodyguard and boyfriend becomes blurred as their lives are changed forever.

According to her bio, Noemi González (Jaylen) is a Californian who started singing and acting at a young age. She attended UC Santa Barbara Drama School, where she earned her BFA in Acting. Soon after, she was chosen to take part in the ABC Disney Talent Showcase.

González most recently appeared in “This Fool” and “The Valet” from Lionsgate. Previous roles include Suzette Quintanilla in the Netflix series “Selena.” She also appeared in David Ayer’s “The Tax Collector” and had series regular roles in “Dark/Web,” “The Young and the Restless,” and “East Los High.”

She shared her excitement when “Selena” won the Imagen award for Best Primetime Program: Drama.

Stephen Huszar (Matt) is a Canadian actor who attended the University of Saskatchewan in his hometown, according to his bio. Huszar made his acting debut in the TV movie “The Cradle Will Fall” in 2004. Soon after that, he was offered his first leading part in the feature film “Caught in the Headlights.” His career took off after that, and he’s had roles in TV shows such as “Smallville” for The CW, “The Fringe” for FOX, “Corner Gas” for CTV, and “Paradise Falls” for Showcase.

Along with these, you may also recognize him from “Chesapeake Shores.”

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Ann Pirvu (Margot)
  • Mishka Thébaud (Hector)
  • Sergio Di Zio (Benny)
  • Gabriela Reynoso (Abuela Luisa)
  • Timothy Mooney (Officer Windham)
  • Karn Kalra (Eddie)
  • Chance Morgan (JJ Stone)
  • Amanda Martinez (Camila)
  • Allison Feliciano (Faith)
  • Juan Chioran (Joaquin)
  • Diana Salvatore (Lorelei)
  • Risha Nanda (Char)
  • Derick Agyemang (Tyler Houston)

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