More Videos & Photos Reveal Hints About ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9

When Calls the Heart sneak peeks season 9

Crown Media When Calls the Heart

A series of videos and sneak peeks uncovered upcoming storylines and hints for season 9 of “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark. Here’s a roundup of some of the sneak peeks that were released so far.

New Videos & Photos Give Hints About What to Expect in the New Season

The photos below are all from this video shared by Hallmark, which you can watch below.

Several different sneak peeks featured the cast at a grand table that appears decorated for a holiday meal. It’s not clear if this was just a get-together or part of a scene. Everyone’s wearing their costumes for the meal and it looks quite festive.

Crown Media

Crown Media

From sneak peek videos, it appears that Rosemary and Elizabeth’s friendship is still going strong.

Crown Media

We’ll Have More School Scenes This Season

It also looks like we’re going to see a lot more of the kids this season.

Crown Media

Last season, fans were concerned that Elizabeth had “abandoned” Little Jack, and they were disappointed to see fewer scenes with the children at school. But COVID restrictions required the show to have fewer scenes with Baby Jack overall this season, and with the schoolchildren in general.

Creator Brian Bird explained this by retweeting a tweet from a fan that reads: “I think it needs to be reiterated that the Hope Valley kiddos couldn’t film as much this season because of COVID. No, Elizabeth hasn’t abandoned her child. The show was making safe choices. 💓💓💓 #Hearties”

Showrunner John Tinker told Forsyth County News that classroom scenes had to be cut down because of COVID-19 protocols. The show also had to limit how they approached scenes involving moments of affection between characters. The good news is that all these protocols worked and no one from the cast or crew was diagnosed with COVID-19 during filming for season 8.

Fans are noticing that it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the kids this season.

The Canfields Are Also Featured in Sneak Peeks

You can see another video below that features moments with Joseph Canfield (Viv Leacock) and Minnie Canfield (Natasha Burnett.)


The actors portraying the Canfields shared another sneak peek that you can watch below, showing a glimpse into the Canfields’ lives for the upcoming season.

Joseph is feeling sad that his son isn’t really taking time to speak with him anymore. “I miss my boy,” he tells Minnie. She suggests that he invite his son along with him to work sometime so they can spend more time together.

“You know, the longer you’re married to me the smarter you get,” he jokes to Minnie.

Here Are More Sneak Peeks

More sneak peeks were shared in another video, which you can watch in the Instagram post below.

In that video, Kavan Smith says that Hope Valley is about bringing out the best in each other. Pascale Hutton says love is in the air this season, and we see shots of Ned and Florence, Lucas and Elizabeth, and Rosemary and Lee.

Andrea Brooks (Faith) shares that there are a lot of new characters and storylines.

In another sneak peek (which you can watch below), Erin Krakow introduces more behind-the-scenes footage, including a shot with Lucas and Elizabeth at her school.

She said being part of the series is “really heartwarming” and something she doesn’t take for granted.

You can also see sneak peeks featuring Lee and Rosemary in Heavy’s story here.

Sneak peeks about Nathan’s new mustache are in Heavy’s story here, along with a sneak peek about a new woman who caught Nathan’s attention in a story here.

And videos hinting at the growing romance between Lucas and Elizabeth are in Heavy’s story here.

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