‘When Calls the Heart’ Creator Claps Back at Fans Angry About Lucas

Crown Media The creator of When Calls the Heart responded to complaints about the show.

Brian Bird, creator of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, responded to haters who were unhappy with the latest episode. Some Team Nathan fans have been disappointed as Elizabeth has gotten closer to Lucas, but other more passionate fans have even gone so far as to say the show is ruined for them now. Bird spoke out on Twitter about those criticisms.

Bird Replied: ‘Most #Hearties Love the Show More Than Ever Right Now’

During Season 8 Episode 7, fans were live-tweeting to Bird, sharing their feelings about the episode. One fan wrote: “A majority of #Hearties feel the show has been ruined this season. You would think that the writers and producers would want to hear how we truly feel. Stop trying to silence us and LISTEN to how the viewers feel. Stop degrading us. Without us you don’t have a show.” 

The fan who shared the displeasure is a Team Nathan supporter, and had previously commented on a video of Elizabeth and Lucas holding hands, writing: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Creepy! #Hearties”

Bird replied: “No one’s degrading or silencing anyone & we listen to our fans more than any other TV show. Truth is, you just don’t like the choices, which is your right. But unless your polling service is better than mine, I guarantee MOST #Hearties love the show more than ever right now.”

Another fan tweeted: “Thanks for ruining my favourite show, there has been no roller coaster just kick after kick at Nathan. If she has chosen Lucas then Just say so. This is not the show I have loved for 7 seasons.”

Bird replied: “Sorry it’s ruined for you, but remember… one person’s ‘ruined’ is another person’s ‘resolution.’ And we believe most #Hearties put themselves in that camp. If you stop watching, we wish you well in finding another family and values show you can love.”

Some Team Lucas fans replied to say they were loving this season.

One fan wrote: “I’m definitely for ‘resolution’ I’m so happy with L&E’s relationship. It’s been a beautiful journey. Last night seeing Elizabeth reach out her hand and Lucas taking her hand and walking through town together was beautiful Thank you Papa Heartie for a great episode. #TeamLucas”

Another fan replied: “The moment L took E’s hand and they started walking together completely validated every beautiful moment we have seen between them from the moment they met. 1. The library; 2. Her book; 3. The Union City outing; 4. The ‘date’ in the library; 5. Every look/smile. Perfect.”

On occasion, Erin Krakow has also responded to complaints about Elizabeth. When one fan wrote that she felt “our Elizabeth” had been missing, Krakow tweeted: “Hi Suzanne! My name’s Erin. I play Elizabeth. Any questions I can answer for you?”

‘When Calls the Heart’ Has Been Outpacing ‘The Walking Dead’ in Viewers on Sundays

When Bird talks about how popular When Calls the Heart has been, he’s likely referring to the strong ratings the show has enjoyed this season. On March 30, he shared that for the third-straight week, the show outranked The Walking Dead in live viewers on Sunday nights.

Bird has also shared how privileged and honored he feels to be involved with the show. He tweeted on April 4: “It’s an honor and a privilege I never take lightly, along with feeling a strong dose of humility and gratitude, when I see my name in the credits of #WhenCallsTheHeart. Thank you #Hearties for making 8 seasons of this series possible, and fingers and toes are crossed for more!”

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