WATCH: News Segment Celebrates Walker, Hynes & Campbell as ‘Hunks of Hallmark’

Walker, Hynes and Campbell.

Hallmark Media Walker, Hynes and Campbell.

“Hallmark Christmas movies might look a bit different this year.” That’s how a segment on WGN-TV began about Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell’s new Christmas movie. The segment went viral as the actors and their fans shared the video all over the Internet.

The Segment Was Called ‘Sexy Hallmark’

Every day, WGN-TV’s morning news hosts a “6@6” (six at six), showing six especially interesting news stories that they want to highlight. On October 4, the news hosts promoted Walker, Hynes, and Campbell’s new movie in their number one spot, labeling a promotional video the actors shared on set as “Sexy Hallmark.”

“Andrew Walker, Tyler Hynes, and Paul Campbell are bringing the sexy in their Instagram photos taken on set… They are considered the HOH, Hunks of Hallmark,” the segment declared.

You can watch the entire segment below. The Hallmark feature is at the end of the video.

6@6: Sexy Hallmark and moon hotelsLearn about these along with a new sleep study result and birthday champagne on this segment on WGN Morning News on October 4th.2022-10-04T12:46:46Z

They noted at the end of the video that the new movie “has the hallmark-verse losing their minds.”

Hynes shared the video they used on his own Instagram on September 27. His version is a bit longer than the one shown on WGN.

He wrote, “3 brothers, 1 baby, 1 merry Christmas 🎄what song are you choosing? You can download the video on my TikTok and do your own remix ;) link in my stories and bio.” He added later, “It’s a party over on tik tok … the choices are incredible.”

Campbell shared the same video on his Instagram and simply wrote, “Buckle up…” Walker replied, “If tyler tries to trip me one more time… I swear I’m going to….” Of course, this set off a series of fun reactions, with Hynes replying, ” …hold me?” and Campbell writing, “@tyler_hynes do it. I feel like the world needs to know how that sentence ends.”

The Stars & Fans Loved the Segment

The stars and their fans all loved the segment. Hynes shared it on Instagram and wrote, “🤍@wgnnews for allowing me to blow a kiss 😘 on your #1 spot HOHohoho.”

Fans replied to the different posts, sharing how much they loved the segment.

Lissel_gt wrote, “Now this is the kind of news to see when starting the day! Bravo! 👏🙌❤️🔥.”

Penny Poapst wrote, “So fun see others react to what we already know… you guys are the best! Bring it on!❤️”

Jodi Smith wrote, “Some serious excitement brewing now 😁 what a way to start the day 👏 well deserved. ❤️”

Walker also shared the WGN clip, writing: “‘Hallmark Christmas movies might look a bit different this year’ … ‘uh,oh’ … 😆 🎄 Thank you @wgnmorningnews for putting us #1”

Paul Greene replied, “The mens reactions in audio are amazing. Ahhhhh, ooooooo, mmmmmmm… Thinking 🤔 SPORTS !!!!!!”

The Stars Have Been Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Moments Too

Hynes also shared some photos from the set with him and the starring baby.

He wrote, “In an effort to stay present while makin this one with some special folks I didn’t post much, But I’ll probably roll out random clips here there over the next while. There’s plenty of em ;) 🤍 she smells like cinnamon and freedom.”

Walker replied, “Star of the show right there. Couldn’t have done this thing without those precious cinnamon rolls. C&C ❤️”

Walker shared a video with some funny behind-the-scenes moments from filming.

Campbell replied, “I honestly don’t even remember being part of this. Miss you, boo. 😘”

Hynes wrote, “I’m not crying, you’re crying 🥹”

“Three Wise Men & a Baby” premieres on November 19 on the Hallmark CHannel. Margaret Colin also stars.

The synopsis reads: “Three brothers get the surprise of their lives when they are forced to work together to care for a baby over the holidays. As they slowly get the hang of things, they find themselves on unexpected journeys of self-discovery and begin to rebuild their relationships as brothers, as well as the damaged romantic and professional relationships in their respective lives…all while rediscovering their love of Christmas.”

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