‘When Calls the Heart’ Showrunner on What Happened to Jack’s Land

Jack and Elizabeth

Crown Media What happened to the land Jack bought for Elizabeth?

When Elizabeth rode away with a heart full of angst on Season 8 Episode 2 of When Calls the Heart, fans wondered what happened to the land that Jack had given to Elizabeth. She often went there when she thought about Jack, and Jack was very much on her mind in that scene. Does she still have the land? Was it sold? The showrunner for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart recently revealed the status of the land that Jack bought for Elizabeth.

This article will have spoilers through Season 8 Episode 2 of When Calls the Heart

The Showrunner Said the Land Is Still Very Important to Elizabeth

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In an official When Calls the Heart Facebook group discussion, showrunner John Tinker recently addressed the question of what happened to Jack’s land. Tinker is the new showrunner for When Calls the Heart, having stepped into the role for the eighth season.

Tinker said: “As for Jack’s land, it’s still there; it’s very important to Elizabeth… and so, it’s important to us.”


Tinker was the showrunner for Chesapeake Shores in 2016, before joining When Calls the Heart for its eighth season, Gainesville Times reported. According to his IMDb, Tinker not only is executive producer for When Calls the Heart this season, he’s also written the first two episodes, along with developing 33 episodes of Chesapeake Shores and writing three. Tinker’s experience also includes serving as executive director for Carter (16 episodes), The Divide (eight episodes), Love Locks, The Client List (four episodes), The Practice (22 episodes), and much more. He also wrote A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love. 

Elizabeth Used to Ride Out to the Land & Think About Jack

Prior to Tinker’s revelation, fans had all kinds of theories about the land. Some thought that Elizabeth had sold the land to Bill, and now Nathan was buying the land himself. Others thought that maybe Nathan’s land that he’s considering buying is right next to Elizabeth’s land. There are plenty of theories circulating that would serve to connect Jack’s land to Nathan somehow, even if they may seem far-fetched.

However, based on Tinker’s reply (which still leaves a lot to the imagination), it appears that Elizabeth may still own the land. Still, it’s important to point out that he didn’t say those words specifically. He said that it was “important” to Elizabeth. That doesn’t mean she still owns it, necessarily. There’s a lot of room for interpretation based on what he wrote.

The last we heard about the land, Jack was planning to build a house there and Abigail had convinced a banker not to take the property back. As far as viewers know, the land belongs to Elizabeth as long as she keeps making monthly payments. This was the arrangement Jack had, so unless we’re told otherwise, there’s no clear reason to believe that Elizabeth doesn’t have the same arrangement too.

Some fans have theorized that she might be paying for the land with Jack’s pension.

Whatever the case, we do know that the writers and showrunner haven’t forgotten about Jack’s land. At some point, we will likely hear more about Jack’s land again.

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