Will ‘When Calls the Heart’ Have a 2020 Christmas Movie?

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A special part of Christmas day for the last five years has been watching When Calls the Heart‘s Christmas special. But the pandemic of 2020 has brought many chances, and Hallmark’s hit series is not immune to being affected. Will When Calls the Heart have a Christmas special? There’s good and bad news.

Hearties Won’t Enjoy a 2020 Christmas Special

First, the bad news. When Calls the Heart fans are not going to be able to enjoy a 2020 Christmas special this year. Hallmark confirmed with Heavy that a Christmas special is off the table, even though the actors are already filming Season 8.

In early July, the actors returned to start filming Season 8 and Krakow shared her annual “plane selfie” on her way to filming.

Some fans had hoped this might mean there was time to film the movie, but there simply was not.

Executive Producer Brian Bird said about the movie:

#Hearties… you have likely heard by now that the much-hoped-for WCTH Christmas special was not possible to produce this season. We are sad and sorry right along with you, but it just wasn’t in the Christmas cards this season. If there ever was a year when the complicating factors of life would force a change in plans… 2020 is it. I’m sure you can relate.

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, shared that many scenes are going to be filmed outside for this upcoming season, and they are staying separated in “pods of people” as much as they can, TV Insider reported.

A Christmas Surprise Is Happening for Hearties Anyway

Despite not having a special movie, When Calls the Heart fans will enjoy something special on Christmas Day 2020, Hallmark confirmed with Heavy. Exactly what is happening is under wraps, but it’s “a special surprise on Christmas Day!,” Hallmark told Heavy.

In addition, there will be two extra episodes added to Season 8, which gives fans something fun to look forward to even though they won’t have a new movie.

Bird shared the same news with Heart fans, writing:

…The silver lining is 12 EPISODES (instead of 10) in Season 8… and something else… a holiday surprise that will be there for you under your tree anyway. (More about that later). In the meantime, thanks for always rolling with us through thick and thin with your Hope Valley values of patience and understanding. Hearties are the best fan-community in the world. I feel sorry for all the other TV shows out there that don’t have big shoulders to lean on… like we do with you!

We love you and God bless you!

Krakow’s character is in the center of a love triangle between Lucas and Nathan. So Krakow took to Twitter in late September to share that she wasn’t going to give any hints about who Elizabeth might choose, but there will be romance in the new season.

Another fan called her character a “trollop” for moving on from Jack, saying they believe she should stay single and pining for Jack until she dies. But Krakow had a different interpretation of what Elizabeth should do.

Krakow wrote: “You must still be hurting from Dan’s exit. I’m sorry. I’m sure that hurts. I just think we see love differently. I don’t believe Elizabeth should have to ‘be true’ to Jack until she dies. New love doesn’t cheapen what J & E had. I’m here if you want to talk, without name calling.”

On October 26, she continued to not answer the love triangle question, saying that she wouldn’t even share if Elizabeth gets a kiss this season.

On October 27, Krakow shared this beautiful photo of Hope Valley.

She also said that her favorite part of filming was reuniting with her family.

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