‘When Calls the Heart’ Executive Comments on Abigail & Henry’s Future

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In a series of podcast interviews, “When Calls the Heart” creator Brian Bird recently commented on whether Lori Loughlin might return as Abigail to the Hallmark series, and if Martin Cummins could be returning as Henry.

Bird Revealed Henry Is Coming Back in Season 9

Although Bird didn’t speak in-depth about Henry’s role in season 9, his comments did imply that Cummins will be back.

Bird spoke on the Christopher Closeup podcast about Henry’s future. First, he shared that he believes Lucas and Nathan will have some interesting friendship moments in the future, similar to how Elizabeth and Rosemary became close friends.

Then he said about Henry: “And I think there will be more interesting stories regarding Henry Gowen this year as well.”

This is big news, considering that when the season 8 finale aired, it looked like Henry was leaving Hope Valley forever.

In the finale, Henry gave Bill more information about the mining accident. Then he told Lucas that he’s leaving and the saloon, the hotel, the petroleum business – none of it mattered to him anymore. He said he wasn’t sure what’s next for him, but it wasn’t the “acquisition of more shiny objects.” Henry said it was important to find what truly brought him comfort, and so he was leaving town to find just that.

In a podcast interview with Chris McNally, Paul Greene (who plays Carson) pointed out that it’s normal for it to look like everyone’s leaving at the end of a “When Calls the Heart” season.

“At the end of every season, our characters have to go do something and it’s like Martin’s leaving … Claire and Jesse are leaving on a vacation … everyone exits, leaves Hope Valley so they can come back,” he said. “When we start a new season, we start off with something that has happened and now they’re here.”

Greene added that he hasn’t spoken with showrunner John Tinker yet, so he has no idea what’s in store for his character Carson next season.

“I can’t clearly say I’ll be back next year and I can’t clearly say that I won’t,” he shared.

Bird Would Love to See Abigail Return but Isn’t Sure It Will Happen

In an interview with Charisma Podcast Network’s Greenelines podcast and host Dr. Steve Greene, Bird revealed that although he would love to see Loughlin return to the show — and they certainly opened the door for that to happen through the storylines — he’s just not sure if it will work out.

“I personally would love nothing more than that happening in Hope Valley,” he said. “Whether or not we can do it is another question. There’s a lot of moving parts to that decision. There’s a lot of other stakeholders besides me who would have to say yes to that. So I can’t say with certainty that we can pull that off. I hope we can, but I can’t say that we can actually pull it off.”

He continued, pointing out how redemption is a big theme in Hope Valley.

“If anyone should come to Hope Valley it should be Abigail,” Bird said. “In my opinion, that’s the kind of show we are. … I certainly hope so. That’s about all I know and all I can say at this point.”

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