‘When Calls the Heart’ Creator Drops Hints About Elizabeth-Lucas-Nathan Triangle

When Calls the Heart

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Brian Bird, creator of When Calls the Heart, has been dropping a few hints about the Elizabeth-Nathan-Lucas love triangle on the show. The hints are cryptic though, and fans are struggling to figure out what they mean.

Bird’s Tweets Are Cryptic & Hint at More to Come

On March 28, Bird tweeted, “I don’t know… there sure seem to be some broken lines forming and less pointy corners. #Hearties @hallmarkchannel @SCHeartHome”

His tweet was in response to a fan who had written: “When #Hearties asked for the triangle to end, pretty sure they weren’t expecting another full season of it. We are at the halfway point now with still no end in sight.”

So this might seem to hint at a possible decision in Lucas’ favor, since that’s where Elizabeth is leaning now and Bird said that “broken lines are forming,” which might signify the triangle is coming to an end.

However, he also tweeted this:

He showed a video of Elizabeth and Jack kissing and wrote: “Now THAT was a kiss. None of this weak near-miss stuff.”

One person replied: “Papa Bird with some more pot stirring?!?! #Hearties”

So that tweet could almost be taken more in Nathan’s favor, hinting that Elizabeth’s missed kiss with Lucas signifies a weaker connection than she’ll ultimately end up choosing.

But since he shared two tweets which both seemed to favor opposite conclusions, depending on how you interpret them, it’s really hard to tell.

In response to the Jack kissing tweet, one fan wrote: “All the more reason I am looking forward to the first kiss between Elizabeth & NATHAN!!”

But another fan wrote: “In all fairness though @brbird that was her first love. As was pointed out in another famous Janette Oke series, ‘Sometimes love isn’t all fireworks. Sometimes love just comes softly.’ #Hearties”

As far as his tweet about broken lines in the triangle, fans had comments about that too.

One fan wrote: “Nathan said he isn’t giving up and it looks like next week things are about to get deep and real between her and Nathan. When she overcomes her fear her heart will find him and be at home.”

But another fan said: “After the time spent and the steps taken toward one man in S8, I don’t feel a COMPLETE switch works now. #ChrisMcNally said it ends somewhat amicably between all of them. I’m not sure I see that possibility now. Lucas would have every right to be devastated #Hearties IMO”

And another fan suggested the triangle might turn into a heart.

Erin Krakow Hinted at More Secrets About Jack & Nathan

Erin Krakow already hinted on Twitter that there might be more to what Nathan has shared about his past with Jack. After Season 8 Episode 4, when Elizabeth asked Nathan if he knew Jack, Nathan simply said no.

While live-tweeting, Krakow wrote: “No @kevin_mcGarry? No? Why do I feel like there’s more to this story… #Hearties @hallmarkchannel @SCHeartHome”

And McGarry replied on Twitter, writing: “Maybe you should ask the right questions?”

So fans are still wondering if this might point to more secrets about Jack and Nathan that still need to be revealed.

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