‘When Calls the Heart’ Creator Shares Warning About Sunday’s New Episode

When Calls the Heart creator shares a warning.

Crown Media When Calls the Heart creator shares a warning.

Brian Bird, co-creator and executive director of When Calls the Heart, has shared a warning with fans about what to expect in this Sunday’s new episode, season 9 episode 5. Apparently, the next episode in Hallmark’s hit TV series is going to be packed with major, plot-twisting moments.

This article has spoilers for what happened in the March 27 episode, season 9 episode 4. See our review of the episode here.

Bird Warns There Will Be a ‘Collective Gasp’ Next Sunday

Bird warned fans on his Twitter account that next week’s episode is going to bring a collective gasp from fans across the country, and it’s going to be connected to Lucas and Elizabeth.

He wrote, “If you liked Elizabeth’s little Freudian slip ‘I love you’ tonight… prepare for a collective gasp across all of North America next week. Bring your inhaler, #Hearties.”

He elaborated on this in another tweet, sharing that the “most romantic scene” was coming next week.

Bird wrote, “That little ‘I love you’ from Elizabeth to sleeping Lucas was the second most romantic moment of the season, #Hearties. The MOST romantic moment is coming in episode 905.”

Bird was referring to a sweet moment in season 9 episode 4, when Elizabeth saw Lucas reading to Little Jack before he went to sleep after he spent a day watching her son. She told Lucas the moment made her understand that she felt more for him than she realized.

When she later found Lucas asleep on the couch, she looked at him and said, “I love you.” He didn’t hear, but it was an incredibly sweet moment that fans couldn’t stop talking about.

In response to Bird’s hints about next week, fans couldn’t contain their excitement on Twitter.

Caroline Richardson tweeted back, “Everyone will need heart medicine.”

And GrammaAng replied, “O.M.G!!!! I sooooo freaked out!!! It was beautiful! I had rewind to make sure she said it and that I wasn’t hearing things!! I almost cried!! Cannot wait for next week!! Thank you For a wonderful story!! ❤️❤️”

Deb Johnston replied, “Brian!! You are not playing fair! We all are already having trouble being patient and waiting until Sunday and now you throw another nugget at us…How are we going to sleep at night waiting for this gem??”

Bird Also Said Fans Might Feel Differently About Landis Next Week

Bird also hinted that fans may feel differently about Mr. Landis after next week’s episode.

He tweeted, “I don’t like him either, Cooper. But wait until episode 905 and you might feel differently.”

This was tweeted live during the episode, when Cooper approached Elizabeth and told her that he really didn’t like Mr. Landis at all since Landis was giving Elizabeth so many problems with running her school. Then Cooper later played a prank on Mr. Landis and insisted he didn’t regret it and would do it again.

In season 9 episode 4, Landis insisted that Elizabeth’s new certification was worthless because it’s from outside the district. Elizabeth actually yelled at Landis out of frustration, which she later regretted.

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