‘When Calls the Heart’ Creators Working on New TV Series

Crown Media When Calls the Heart.

Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird, creators of Hallmark’s hit series “When Calls the Heart,” are working on a new TV series.

In an interview with Charisma Podcast Network’s Greenelines podcast with host Dr. Steve Greene, Bird revealed that he and Landon are working on a new series. Bird and Landon are executive producers of “When Calls the Heart” and “When Hope Calls.”

“Michael and I are partnered on another television show that I can’t quite talk about yet, but we’re very excited about it,” Bird revealed. “We’re hopefully going to be able to talk about it soon, but we’ve sold it and we now are working on the pilot for it. And so we’re excited about that.”

Bird didn’t reveal anything additional about the series in the interview, so it’s not clear when it will air. He also didn’t reveal whether the series will air on The Hallmark Channel or a different network.

Bird also shared that he and Landon are working together on a documentary about racial reconciliation.

“He and I found a story of racial reconciliation that is so relevant for today that it absolutely must be told,” he said. “It’s a true story … based on a book.”

This documentary is a separate project from the TV series, but he and Landon are working together on both. Bird explained that the documentary is about two people who discover they are linked in the past through slavery and a 50-pound cast-iron kettle that “binds these two men together in friendship and reconciliation.”

Bird said the two men discover that “the only answer to everything that ails us is grace. The atonement act of apology and forgiveness.”

Interest in Uplifting TV Is Increasing, Bird Shared

When Calls the Heart

Crown MediaWhen Calls the Heart.

Bird said that TV viewers have a renewed interest in family-friendly, uplifting television.

“There’s so much shell shock happening from life in general,” he said. “So they are starved to death for uplifting entertainment. For hope, for happy endings, for a sense of uplift in their lives and getting past the darkness and the cynicism of our age.”

He said this need for uplifting TV has played a role in the success of “When Calls the Heart,” which recently even beat “The Walking Dead” in live viewer numbers. Both shows aired at the same time during parts of the season.

“We’re getting lots of folks saying to us, ‘How do you do what you do? Can you do it for us?'” he said. “Even at the network level, they’re starting to get a sense of maybe we do need more light in a dark world and not so much cynicism. You can only take so much mafiosos and drug dealers on TV.”

Bird Has Another Series Called ‘Mystic’ Airing in Canada

Outside of the U.S., Bird is also helming a series called “Mystic,” which premiered last July. The IMDB synopsis for the series reads: “A group of horse-mad teenagers who are regulars at their local stables on the fictional peninsula of Kauri Point.”

The British-New Zealand TV series airs on CBBC, TVNZ and the Seven Network. Bird revealed that he’s working on finding a home for the series in the United States. It’s already been renewed for two more seasons.

“My goal is to get it in front of the eyeballs of American viewers now, so we’re working on that right now,” he revealed on the podcast.

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